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I put in a new plot this year and fertilized and limed and could only get to 4 on my PH.How much PH can I expect gain from the clover for next year the plot came in pretty thick on the clover and oats but not so good on the turnips and beets.

By: Shiloh

I wasn’t aware that clover would increase pH. I think it only increases Nitrogen


Sorry you right its Nitrogen.Its sandy soil and I all ready spend $2500.00 on a bulldozer removing all the stumps fertilizer lime seed.This 2 acres has never been touched before.

By: Bowman

Topgrowth of a typical clover plant contains 3­4 percent nitrogen (18­25 percent crude protein), which translates to about 80 lbs of N per ton of dry matter. In thin stands of clover, the total legume N content might amount to 40-­50 lbs/acre in a year, but in thick stands of clover the fixed N amount could be 100-­200 lbs/acre over the year.

Lime takes time to work.


I used liquid lime and Ferilizer.Last year in a different spot it worked great but is is a more sandy soil.


Depending on CEC (cation exchange capacity), it will take up to 4000 pounds per acre of lime to raise your PH up to a level a legume even has a chance of thriving (PH 5.5 min for clover). How much lime did you apply? Did you till the soil to speed the process?


yes we tilled the soil twice,1st I put down 200 lbs of lime and ber for planting I put down 5 gallons of Bio Liquid calcium and 3 gallons of gro Energizer at the end of sept picked it up a little.this is the 1st year for this plot its been weeds and small trees for ever.Iam hoping it comes in better next year.


gonna need to contact your local coop and get ALOT more lime on it. Probably 4000lbs/acre, till it in, check PH again next year and may need to do it again. Shoot for 6.5 PH, but once you hit 5.5 thing will perk up noticably. Nutrients are not available to the plant at that low PH

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