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I got a some plot of alfalfa, that I planed the 1st of sept. It is doing good, a few weeds. When should I fertilize? what kind of fertilize.jeff


Jeff, did you fertilize at planting? If you had a soil test, what did it say?

I fertilize my clover early spring and late summer. I plant in the fall, and fertilize at planting but then do not fertilize again until next spring. That is just my routine, I will follow this to see what others do. Thanks and glad your alfalfa is doing well!


I am no agronomist, but I usually fertilize a month prior to the first frost for alfalfa and clover on established plots. My goal is to have my fertilizer down by 9/15 in NE WI. I use what is recommended to me by our local co-op and based on my soil tests. Clover and alfalfa that I have planted late summer early fall I fertilize when planed and then hit again in late April or early May.


I fertilized in feb. before I planted oats.(10-20-10). all I had. I wasnt planing on alfalfa until about aug. jeff

By: Bowman

Adequate available phosphorus is a key to establishing a vigorous stand of alfalfa. Phosphorus stimulates root growth for summer drought resistance, winter survival and quick spring growth. Nitrogen and potash are not as important as phosphorus for alfalfa establishment, but they are needed in small amounts.

Did you do a soil test?


No sir bowman, I didnt. My local Ag man said " I should wait til spring, and then add 34-0-0 to it in april or may. He also said if I didnt mow it the first year it would reseed itself and I should get a fuller stand.jeff

By: bobcat

You need to get a soil test done. It will tell you the pH of the soil (needs to be 6.5-7), if any lime is needed and the amount of fertilizer to apply. This will save you time and money.

Also, over seeding or letting the plants go to seed doesn't work with alfalfa. The plants release a toxin into the ground killing or stunting any new plants. Field has to come out of alfalfa for a year before replanting.


Thank you Bobcat, and everyone else that replied.jeff

By: Bowman

34-0-0 is a nitrogen fertilizer. This may change your mind on your local Ag man's opinion. http://ucanr.edu/blogs/blogcore/postdetail.cfm?postnum=10478

I am in northern Michigan and Ed Spinnazola has a good reputation. He recommends "that sweetening thing" before hunting season. http://www.woods-n-waternews.com/Articles-i-2009-05-01-194712.112113_Sweetening_FOOD_PLOTS.html

Here is another version and his site with more info. http://deerattraction.com/Article-6.htm


Im sure I got that wrong, and not him. But I"ll have it figure out by spring. Right now the deer are really loving it. I plant small plot of winter wheat right next to it.jeff


Im sure I got that wrong, and not him. But I"ll have it figure out by spring. Right now the deer are really loving it. I plant small plot of winter wheat right next to it. And Bocat you where correct on the plants produceing a toxin


Habitat for Wildlife X 2...preferably fertilizing and planting right before a good rain!


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