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Gutpile Addict 23-Oct-17
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Curious how to create horizontal rubs where and when And has anyone had success with this tactic?

By: aceout

several viedos on utube.

By: APauls

bowriter has been talking about them quite a bit lately.


(1) Pick the right location and that will vary, depending on your habitat. Best bet to find an area of traditional rubs-where rubs appear every year. (2) Cut a sapling of about 3.5-4.5 inches in diameter and long enough to fit between two, stout trees-usually about eight feet apart. (3) Wire the sapling to the trees at about waist height. (4) Rough the bark until quite bright and visible. I use a wood rasp, anything will do. (5) I also rake the ground underneath, just down to bare dirt. I use no commercial scent, only my own urine on the ground. Pre-orbital scent might be a plus. (6) Stay out of the area until you start seeing a lot of rubs appearing. Then, just check it. If it is picked up, stay away until the pre-rut. Hunt sparingly...if you are going to hunt it. (7) If you have sufficient land, put out several in various locations.

It aint rocket surgery.

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