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PaRay 18-Oct-17
Blessed Bowhunter 06-Nov-17

By: PaRay

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Hello, Everyone

The apple crop in my area is spotty this year, but I have the little Hawthorn apples laying on the ground and still in the trees everywhere. I have done research, and some people say that deer won't feed on Hawthorn apples even though they are in the crabapple family. Has anyone ever seen deer feeding on them?


In my area of PA. deer love them. When they start dropping the deer pound them. I think it depends on the individual trees health and the area they are growing in. I know deer like pears, but I had a couple of pear trees behind my old house that produced lots of pears almost every year and the deer wouldn't touch them. Once I tasted them I knew why they were awful.

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