Thinking ahead to 2018
Food Plots
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nutritionist 30-Sep-17


Here are some questions to ask yourself thinking ahead to having success in 2018.

1) did you winterize your perennial plots? 2) have you taken a soil test on your fields in the past 2 years? 3) have you scouted your 2017 fall plots for problem areas and flagged them? 4) have you looked at your farmlogs.com satellite views? 5) when are you going to apply lime on the fields that need it? 6) fall application of humics 7) will you need to frost seed or overseed? 8) what are your weed challenges and 2018 strategies 7) will you need to frost seed or overseed? 8) have you plotted out new food plot locations? when are you taking a soil sample? 9) in drought hit areas, plan to sample in early spring even if you had a recent soil sample. Nutrient removal will be reduced. 10) what is your plot rotation strategy?

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