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USMC0351 20-Sep-17
USMC0351 20-Sep-17
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So this is my small Grains N Greens plot planted 3 weeks ago. As you can see in my soil sample my soil is horrible! I asked for recomendations for seed and what to do with the soil via email and got them pretty quick. I used a homade ripper/subsoiler to tear up and out all the roots and rocks. I then used a 3 "C" shank cultivator with 10" sweeps to get the soil prepped. Then used a homemade drag to clean up all the roots etc. Prior to seeding I limed (pellet) and fertilized to recomendations then re-cultivated to get it in the soil. Used the drag again then sprayed grandpa ray's 4-15-12 seed starter. Broadcasted seed then used a lawn roller to get the seed to soil contact. And this is what it's looking like. I honestly don't know if this is good growth for the time or not. Any comments and or suggestions appreciated!


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It looks excellent!

Your PH quite acidic. Excellent work.

By: MK111

Looks good for the soil quality.


Looks pretty dang good from here! Well done


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Looks good!!

I planted some of the grains and greens also. Deer seem to like it so far.


Nice! Gratifying to say the least!



Thanks everyone! I'll update periodically.

By: Bowman

Since you got that done with a ph of 4.7, just wait for the lime to start working.

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