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Picked up a 100 acres in South Ga for upcoming season. Its planted in cotton. Very little woods with this. Whats every ones experiences with hunting cotton? This field is 4 to 6 foot high in spots and farmer said it will probably be late December before harvested. surrounding fields are planted in peanuts but im not able to hunt those.


I have seen deer eat the new growth and then the tops off of a mature plant. They do seem to like to bed in it, and sometimes eat the seeds after the first harvest.


So close to having a great hunting spot. In my area the four crops are: corn, cotton, soybeans, and peanuts. The deer absolutely avoid mature cotton. They will also walk through both corn and soybeans to go feed on peanuts. .

The peanuts are the preferred food source above any other. It's likely that the peanuts will be turned over (they grow about 12" underground) in early November and then after they dry out they'll be harvested in late November. Cotton is typically harvested later as the farmer already told you. If there is a lack of woods then quite likely they are using the cotton for bedding cover. I would suggest that you look for funnels of deer activity that are bedding in or traveling around the cotton.

The good news is that maybe your new property will be the only one with peanuts next year (depending on the crop rotation). The other good news is that deer that have been eating peanuts are the absolute best tasting deer you will ever eat.

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