Discarded Xmas Tree- Any use?
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By: Hunt98

For hunting land, is there any use for discarded real xmas trees?


If you can get a pile of 'em, they make good cover for bunnies.....or if you have acess to a lake or pond, tie a brick to 'em and use 'em to attract/hold fish for cover....


Great fish attractors/cover in ponds and lakes. Just weight them down and sink them. Then remember where you sank them !!


x3 on making brush piles for fish.


Throw it in your pack, they make great fire starters.


Use them to help cut down on erosion. Put in a ditch to catch dirt washed down.



ground blinds for live hunts


3 or 4 over a logging road could prevent trespassing


Right on Bou! Just made a ground blind today. Its made out of 4 cedar trees that the local boy scouts helped clear out of our CRP and 1 Christmas tree from last year that still has my dads reservation tag on.

By: Fuzzy

they make great lawn decorations, if you leave the ornaments and tinsel on


Bou, I'm at a car dealership and I can't stop laughing... people look at me like what's up!

By: Shawn

Great even in the yard for song birds and other little critters that come to our bird feeder.


I drag ours out back, we have a patch of swampy woods there. Been doing it for 20 years, you can see 3-4 old trees, rest are gone. Tomorrow there will be one more added.

By: Will

Serious question, could you haul em up into a bare trunked tree and ratchet strap or tie them to the tree as back cover? Probably would need to be half pruned, but may work.

They work awesome to help hold fish as others have mentioned...

By: t-roy

Will......I've used cedar tree branches that way a bunch of times. Works great. Just try not to bump them, or you will end up with needles down the back of your neck.


Door for a brushed in natural ground blind. Make sue you take the Christmas spider off first!!


chip it and mulch it


Since they burn good, put at bottom of a pile of buckthorn so it torches easy. ;-)



I put mine out where the small animals use it for cover. They do decompose rather quickly in the wet areas.


BigOzzie's embedded Photo

I shovel the snow off the top of the new years bonfire then stick the tree in, I then proceed around the pile with the weed burner and light it, then we cheer as Christmas goes up in flames. oz

Which does usually make some bunnies homeless in mid winter. But makes for a spectacular fire, This years burn pile was larger than the average trailer house. But I had piled so much stuff on it and lots of snow, therefore the fuel was so packed in the fire it didn't burn real well, until late in the night when the wind came up and aided it.



Brush piles to attract fish. Weight with ricks to concrete blocks and wire them so that they stand with the butt end down. Vertical works much better than horizontal. I do two or three in a bunch. Great crappie attractors.

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