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was wondering how many bow hunt from ground blinds and if anyone uses the shoot thru mesh? do you find it affects the arrow flight? yes or no?

By: r-man

its a real good topic ? with a split decision , I say no .


I have shot deer, hogs, and turkey through the mesh. Never over twenty yards though. Never a problem using 100 gr. replaceable blade heads. Don't use it for antelope though, because they don't shy from the " black holes ".


I think the answer to that question could be "depends". If you are shooting a lower poundage bow, with lighter arrows, especially at an angle to the mesh, I believe that it could make a difference.

High poundage bow and heavier arrows, I wouldn't give it a second thought. I have shot through mesh at a Tule Elk at 46 yards....my shot hit right where I aimed. He went 15 yards.

Personally, I only use COC broadheads when I know that I am going to be shooting through mesh.


When I knew that I would be hunting from a ground blind I first practiced a lot in my backyard. Shooting through the mesh in my backyard showed there was no difference in arrow flight. This was for both field points and broadheads (COC of course).

FYI: I'm shooting a 620 grain arrow from a 55# recurve. The arrows are well turned to the bow meaning they fly straight.

It is important to have the mesh tight and it's better if you are further from the mesh also. It doesn't matter if the mesh is at an angle.

Different topic: I've found that blackening a little area of mesh with a Sharpie marker makes it MUCH easier to see through.


I would never even consider shooting through mesh.


I don't like ground blinds because of the limited visibility, but sometimes it's the best way to take an animal. As far as the mesh, your bow better be perfectly tuned. If your arrow tail kicks at all, you are toast. If possible I do not use the mesh. IMO


I hunt from them almost all the time Brush them in and leave the mesh open its a pain to spend the extra time but gives you more shot options and no worries about the mesh

By: cambow

This was tested by Jon Silks and the results were published in a Peterson's Bowhunting article title Ground Blind Mesh, shoot or don't shoot. The data found:

Generally,there is no difference in point of impact, but personally, if I were to use mesh, I would opt for a fixed blade head.

By: x-man

Don't use expandables with large stiff vanes out back.

Aside from that, just ignore the mesh, the arrow will fly right through without issues.


One other reason is it gets darker sooner with the mesh over the windows. Might just cost you that shot at last lite.


thanks for your input. will take some shots thru it and see how it works. good idea about making the inside of it darker because I do have issues seeing thru it at times.

By: Ben

I've shot several turkeys thru the mesh with recurve and COC heads. No problem.

By: Will

Biggest thing to me, was that I found my pin looks really different. With light coming from the front, vs all around, it just sort of looks like a silhouette. You can adapt to that with practice, but I have to say... It feels really weird the first few times. Maybe a sight light would fix it, but I have not tried that yet.

I have hunted out of it the day I set it up without really brushing it in. Best results came with it under hemlock trees with low branches - so it was sort of "naturally" disappearing into the overhead cover of the hemlock.


Certainly not with mechanical heads at ant any distance. I've heard of several premature activations when shooting thru mesh. And yes.....even with the famous, best thing since sliced bread, Rage broad head LOL!!!!


Drop Tine's embedded Photo

My son took a bear from this set up at 30 yards. Set them up in the shadows and the "black hole" is not that noticeable. I personally would never shoot through any mesh.

I'm thinking of one of them ghost blinds for some deep big woods hunts, but I've herd they have a smell to them.


I practice shot my cut on impact broadheads through the mesh at 20 and 30 yards, for a total of 30 shots, because I was worried. Shot two bows, one set up with plastic vanes, one with feathers. I shoot arrows weighing from 450 to 500 grains from a 55# and 58# bow. I encountered no problems at all with accuracy. I did not try a mechanical head. The hard hunted deer in my area treat the blind like it isn't there, very soon after i put it in. But not that many use a blind where I hunt.


cuda383's MOBILE embedded Photo

well I will give it a shot.

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