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By: wild1
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Does it get any worse than this....?


Dumbass is from Washington DC-- what do you expect?


A special kind of stupid.


More of a theory than an actual plan......you think ?


Only in the estranged world of academia...


Abstract academic. They need something to do to justify their salaries.

I would LOVE to see 10,000 cougars roaming the urban areas of the East Coast. They forced wolves on us, turnabout is fair play...


I surely hope she did not get a "government" grant to do the "research" and to write this paper.

Well, I know who she will be voting for.

my best, Paul

By: Fuzzy

I'm pretty sure there ARE at least 10K Cougars roaming the urban areas of the East Coast....


Most of the Cougars in my neighborhood are vegetarians

By: APauls
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Not even tame cats attack people.


Don't be fooled by this. It is very well thought out and has an underlying purpose. This guy is NOT stupid.

By introducing more predators...you can eliminate hunting. The argument is that nature can regulate itself without any interference from man.

This is, in part, paid for by the insurance companies to reduce deaths and keep the premiums high. This is just another twist to the same theme.

By: tradmt

Humans are the deadliest, most efficient predator of them all.

If they really wanted to do something productive they should do their part and kill and eat deer.


And nature can regulate the human population better than man too.


It was in an article in Bowhunter I believe in 1983. I was pretty young but I remember it well.

Some bowhunters were teamed with environmental/anti-hunting people. The idea was for them to work together for a study. I believe they were in Montana.

The guy this one bowhunter was working with commented how our days were numbered. He talked about the plans to introduce wolf and other predators into numerous demographics to take away the argument that "hunters help manage game".

It was pretty prolific at the time. Then I read an article about how vehicle accidents hitting deer had raised the insurance rates in various southern states and that they supported the use of predators as well.

The final note in that article was a question..."Can you remember the last time your insurance actually reduced your rates?"


trdmt- if everybody hunted, we would soon run out of animals and places to hunt. If you think humans are the deadliest predators, you obviously have no experience with mt lions.


People die, its just part of life! They put more emphasis on "accidental" killings such as deer/vehicle collisions than POS who kills people! They'll let a murderer walk but want to use cats to kill all the deer? STUPID! Let nature take its course, and guess what is part of nature? Humans!! There is a need for human control to no mater how sad it seems. Us human with out "emotions" don't do anything but try to control everything and end up ruining EVERYTHING.


35-Acre's embedded Photo

Cougar camera pic


"“Yes, carnivores definitely come with costs, which could include attacks on humans, pets and livestock, reductions in deer hunter success, and increased anxiety for rural residents and outdoor recreationists,” Gilbert writes. But the potential gain of fewer traffic fatalities might make up for those risks."


what if they're wrong and cougars #2 diet is small kids ? will they take responsibility for the ooooops ?

how about more deer tags give, more urban hunting etc ? way, way better solution


10,000 cats could wipe out all the deer in several states.


To Brian Resnick, the author of the article. what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

By: Will

I think some times people forget that "re" introduction comes with the massive unknowns of human development. Meaning, last time a significant and sustaining population of cats was around there were a lot fewer people and a lot more open space.

This kind of idea feels to me like saying, "Hey, I love apple juice. Everyone else does and should as well. Maybe I should make sure they all have apple juice. Good. I like that. Ill go build an orange orchard now."

Not going to get folks apple juice with orange trees :) Ugh.

Bad idea for sure. Hopefully it just stay's an idea...

By: Gene

How would insurance companies handle the rise in the number of lion/vehicle incidents that would surely rise with 10k cougars out there!


Well the article I read didn't mention the type of predator. lol Vehicles are the largest claims made with the exception of natural disasters.

My wife hit a doe a couple of months back. It didn't look like much but was a cool six grand.


IF this happened, and 10G cats WERE introduced, as noted above...how long until the predominant prey species...the TARGET species, deer, became scarce?

Not too damn long.

Soooo...what's next on the menu? The cats aren't going back in the cages, right?

Read the studies on human vs cougars on Vancouver Island. Years back, they had tremendous logging. New under growth=great cover and browse and the deer herd exploded.

Great eats for the felines, and that population also took off.

In time, new growth became sun blocking overhead cover...cats feasting on deer...deer numbers decimated...cats still there.

Family pets and people attacked...in alarming numbers.

By: Candor

"I would LOVE to see 10,000 cougars roaming the urban areas of the East Coast. They forced wolves on us, turnabout is fair play..."

got a good chuckle out of that.


Me too.

Heck, if they initially cage them up for acclimation, like they did the wolves, a case of beer to the local good ole boys will see every one of them killed in one night.

Seriously, they talk of deer auto collisions but, talk about the expansive wilds of the east being where they will live. Well, I'm from the east. These areas do exist but, most have been designated as wilderness. So, no vehicle travel within their boundaries is permitted. It is a fallacy.

Also, whitetail deer require browse to survive. It's upwards of 80% of their diet. None of the pubically owned, federally managed land east of the Mississippi, which is the expansive wilds they are referring to, is heavy with browse. In other words, a very small percentage of the deer here, even live there. So the kitty cats won't live there. They'll live in the fringes.

Where they will kill our kids, dogs, cats, cows, pigs, chickens, etc.. Then we will kill them all. Federally protected or not.

It ain't ever going to happen. God Bless


If you guys think this is the worst article you need to read a lot more articles. Nothing like debating a guy who isnt here. Naive sure but no more. Fact is cougar populations are incredibly hard to propogate. Ask Florida.

By: writer

There is no question humans are the deadliest predators...look what happened to bison.

Some sharpshooters have killed 100 deer a night.

I watched a helicopter crew kill 122 feral hogs, in one pasture, in less than three hours.

I can fill all six deer permits in Kansas in one weekend. Possibly one day if I wanted to clean all them, that fast.

We are the top of the food chain.


Sounds like poaching wearing a uniform writer. A real hunter, abiding by all laws and using legal equipment cannot do those things in any state other than TX that I'm aware of. Cheating with spotlights, helicopters, and suppressors on wildlife control would be similar to placing a lion or cougar in a fenced playground full of kids.


I read a book a few years back called 'A Beast in the Garden" which is based on a true story about how the people of the Republic of Boulder, CO wouldn't allow the DOW to control the deer population around the city by eliminating hunting and creating several open spaces. So the deer flourished and before long, Cougars being Cougars started showing up for the easy lunch. Soon, several people being stalked and some even attached pets ended up on the menu and sadly,, there was a high school cross country runner that was mauled to death right above a school in broad daylight. Then the people demanded that the DOW come in and fix their problem. It's an interesting book.


Thornton, why are we on the top of the food chain? An educated guess on my part says it is because we are the deadliest predators.

God Bless

By: cthunt


Mountain lions require a lot of room—only a few cats can survive in a 30-square-mile (78-square-kilometer) range. They are solitary and shy animals, seldom seen by humans. While they do occasionally attack people—usually children or solitary adults—statistics show that, on average, there are only four attacks and one human fatality each year in all of the U.S. and Canada.



If that "one human fatality" is your child...does your song remain the same?


"Deer numbers continue to climb" ...come to Indiana, they aint climbing..... Once a few kitty lovers started losing their pets and a few kids, they'd have a different look on this stupid idea.... Ive been up against people like this, re-introduce wolves (yea, that worked out real well), re-introduce big cats, look at Calif. and the problems they are having when these cats aint hunted....just because someone is a "professor" dosnt mean they have any damn common sense(or smart) ..... "Cant fix stupid" ...

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