Is it a dry or wet year out in Kansas??
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I ask because I spoke with a farmer friend out there in NW Kansas and he said it has been terrible dry. He said he thought other parts of the state were getting more rain but it seemed to be missing them. Thanks! Shawn


The Manhattan area, according to my partner in some hunting / agriculture land there(he also lives there), has been getting plenty of rain. Kansas summer rain is mostly thunder showers and hence tends to be spotty, some areas get lots and others, often nearby, not enough.


In SC KS, we have gotten more rain than most years. My mowing business, hay farm, and corn farm are having their best years ever!


To answer your question


By: Matte
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Central Kansas,, Great Bend area has a lot of standing water in low spots, Arekansas River actually has a really good flow, haven't seen that in a while!



Helpful website.

By: Matte

Your welcome been at this for a bit since I hunt all over. It is a nice site to check for where I Pheasant hunt, deer hunt and quail hunt. Different precipitation at different time periods and by amount generally dictates the areas I will hunt. This year Kinsley to dodge and South to Medicine look great for birds. SC Kansas looks best for Antler growth


Thanks Matte, hopefully they get rain out in the NW, this year they need it. Shawn

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