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Pat Lefemine's MOBILE embedded Photo

Was checking my cameras today and stepped on this shed in the middle of my ladino clover plot. I'm trying to figure out if a coyote dropped it as it has some stains but it's in perfect condition. I can't imagine they are dropping yet.


A sick buck may drop especially early.


Early for drop.....maybe injured or sick as mentioned.

Pat....habe you been hunting much on your NY property? I dont remember seeing much on you and Matt's hunting trips this fall.

By: dapper

I'm from S. Wisc. and a few years back on opening day of our season, (usually around nov. 20) I shot with my revolver a big doe with a funny head. Turned out to be a buck that had already shed both antlers. I have also on several occasions seen a one antlered buck during early Nov. while bowhunting. Why, I have no idea. None appeared to be sick.




Dec 18th is the earliest I've seen a buck shed on my farm. This one dropped the other side the next day.


that looks like a shed from the year before. looks kind of washed and all.


^^^I agree. Last year's maybe?


Does the base look bloody?


Last year's was my first guess. If they fall in the right spot, they don't get nibbled. I find multi-year old sheds all the time.

By: dg72A

Very unique, Pat... I have never ever seen a coyote wearing antlers, so you may very well be onto something....

By: Zbone

Yep, time for the annual early shed thread...8^)

Looking at Pat's shed, I'm guessing months old by the bleaching from last year's crop...

sticksender - Thanks for sharing pic... Aside from sick or wounded, that's the earliest I've seen posted...

By: MaBow

If the base is clean and white it would be this years. If its caked in with dirt it should be last years.

By: Gene

Gene's embedded Photo

Found these about 8 feet apart this spring while turkey hunting. Scouted the area, set trail cams and set up a stand this summer. I have yet to see this buck but have a few photos of him on the trail cam. The drop that Pat posted looks old but without having it in hand, I couldn't tell.


Worn out from the rut or broke off during battle?

By: APauls

We've had early winters in years prior and I had 3 of 4 bucks drop well before Christmas when I had a camera out of the bucks I saw on camera regularly, so I think there is some linkage to stress and early dropping.


Agreed it looks like last years. The very base where it attaches to pedicle does not look very fresh. Shawn


Pat here in mass most our larger bucks start shedding around dec15th. Every year almost we find fresh shed during this period one year in Fairfield co ct I found a fresh shed thanks giving weekend....


If the base is beached white, it isn't from this year most likely. If so, it has been on the ground a bit. God Bless

By: Fields

hunting this week here in pa. A guy at camp hunted tuesday evening. went to the stand wednesday morning and in the middle of his food plot were a set of sheds that dropped over night... big 9 point... I guess anything is possible... Had I not seen it for myself it would have been hard to believe IMO....


I hunt one farm where they routinely shed the first two weeks of December. This year, I was shocked when a bucked walked by the third week of November ... still dogging does, having already shed his antlers. I've always wondered what makes them shed on this farm so early. I hunt another farm 15 miles away where they hold them well into January.


I had trailcam photo of this guy missing his left antler on Nov 29th last year. Looks like a clean shed.

 photo EarlyShed.jpg

By: Jethro

Saw a doe shot in NE PA this past Saturday that turned out to be a buck that had already dropped.

By: Zbone

There are more factors, but I've always thought shed timing had a lot to do with heredity, and snellpastor's post kinda confirms that theory:

"I've always wondered what makes them shed on this farm so early. I hunt another farm 15 miles away where they hold them well into January."


I have seen deer around my house hold them as late as mid- to late February. Most drop mid to late January. Shawn


There was a muzzy hunt at a local military reservation last week and a guy pulled the antlers off a buck that he shot. I don't think it is abnormal to have some bucks shed in December.


tacklebox's embedded Photo

Found this one last weekend. It's last years shed but in perfect condition. Must have walked by in 20 times. Was hiding in some CRP and stepped on it while filming my father put a stalk on a doe

Just shy of 80"

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