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Has anyone used plotwatcher. I am interested in getting one or am i wasting my money? It looks like a good tool for finding there patterns on new hunting ground.

By: leo17

its a cool item. My only problem has been that it quits taking pictures well before the sun sets and starts a while after it rises.

Last season in illinois i had a small 8 pt come out and walk right in front of the camera and come to find out it still had yet to turn on. I could see the deer without binoculars from across the field 250 yards away so there was plenty of shooting light.

By: slim23

I bought the primos one to try. Just got it but after looking at reviews on chasing game it seems to be a good one at half price. Time will tell...

By: Dollar

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I like the plotwatcher I have several and they work fine.All mine turn on about 15 mins before sunrise and off 15 after sun set.If you are in timber probably shorter times.I have both plotwatchers and like the new one best.good luck

By: Clutch

Works well but get the newest one--i believe batteries last a little longer


For the price, I like the older ones. I've been using several of them for a while and a friend of mine has the newer model. Depending on how you use them, battery life might not be a real issue, though it is longer with the new model. The other nice thing about the new model is that you can program the camera to turn on at some date in the future. Set it out on a scouting trip and program it to turn on the week before you come back to hunt.

I wanted a bunch of PWs on a property that I am on all the time during the season, though, so the less-expensive older model was my choice.


I have not tried the plotwatcher, I have used the Primos DPS and the new Moultrie with the plot time lapse. The Moultrie worked great and it has a hybrid mode that switches from time lapse feature to night photos after dark.


I also purchased the Primos DPS this past fall. You have to get the right card for it - I found a Lexar platinum for about 40 bucks - 16 GB I think and it is what it needs, 32 GB would let you set it out longer. It works great at my place. The Primos software takes some time to get used to, but once you figure it out it is a great tool.


Agree, I used the Primos DPS this season and it worked pretty well. You do have a heck of a lot of pics to scan through to see an entire day, or even when you set it to skip the 10 AM-2 PM slot, but it tells you where deer enter a field, for example.


I have the Plotwatcher Pro and recently upgraded a worn out camera to a Cuddeback Attack IR. The Plotwatcher has better software and more flexible settings than the Cuddeback. It lets you skip mid days and set the time exactly how you want it. You can review thousands of pictures quickly and zoom in on individual frames. The Cuddeback's time lapse and guard duty features do not offer the same flexibility in taking or reviewing clips. That being said, the Cuddeback shifts to motion detector mode at night. For the price, I would recommend the Plotwatcher unless you have an old Cuddeback that you would like to trade in (even if it does not work). With the trade in program you can get the top of the line Attack IR for $135 including shipping and other models for less.

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