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Hunter: Christopher Durando
Chris Durando
Ratings to date: 28
Average Rating 4.5
Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

My first caribou hunt. Richard Hume has it down to a science from hotel pickup to delivery back to your hotel/airport with your meat butchered and vaccuum sealed! Absolute precision. I am a bowhunter but unfortunately the migration was slow. I would recommend a bowhunter go a week or two later than I did. Only had two shot opportunites, one at 60 yards which I did not take as 60 yards in the wind with a bow is not predictable and one at 55 yards which I missed in heavy wind. The other hunters used rifles and had all filled both tags in days. I eventually borrowed a rifle and had my first caribou in 30 minutes! If the migration had been a little heavier (it is unpredicatable and they would have moved us if it was better elsewhere) it would have been no problem with the bow. This hunt is a slam dunk with a rifle and a good challenge with a bow. Richard had an open spot on the following week's hunt and invited me to stay in camp free for another week and I am sure I would have filled my second tag with the bow but I had to return home for work. Excellent set up if the luck of the migration is on your side, you're in for an awesome hunt. I plan to go back with my bow!

Outfitter's Response

None to date. If you are the outfitter please email us.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - August 2006
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide -
Booking Agent - Bowhunting Safari Consultants
Number in Camp - 4
Outfitter Cost - $5,000.00
Other Costs - $0.00
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Windy Conditions
Weather Comments:
Practice with your bow in high wind, there will constantly be wind here. With a rifle you will have multiple 80-100 yard shots.
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