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Hunter: Steve Blakeman
Bear Track Outfitters
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Hunter Comments
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This hunt with Ron and Jeannine Dare was first class all the way. These are great folks who really care about making your hunt everything that you hoped it would be. I took my 37 year old son along who hadn’t been hunting in years and the picture is of his bear, his first. It was a very small boar, but I gotta tell you I really misjudged it and told him to shoot. Still, he was thrilled and so was I! We got his shot on video and man what a memory! Ron went far out of his way to arrange stands for the two of us and that made it extra enjoyable. On the next to last night of our hunt I went out with Ron 7 miles across the lake on a VERY stormy evening and with anyone else I am certain that boat would have capsized! Ron knew EXACTLY how to navigate that lake and we made it safely. I had the shot I was hoping for that night when a giant boar (a little taller at the back that the 55 gal drum) circled the bait and came in and walked up to my stand and started at me. Then walked away and 5-7 yards back past the bait as if leaving then stopped to take one more look. With his kill zone exposed between two trees I calmly placed the pin and squeezed off what I thought was a perfect shot. To my dismay the arrow stuck in his shoulder and he walked off like he wasn’t even hit. After Ron arrived to pick me up we found the arrow 30 yds or so up the trail with maybe 4-5 inches broken off and no blood anywhere except a little on the arrow. A good search of the area to be sure, and we knew it was not a mortal hit. I was extremely disappointed to say the least. Camp rules (and I agree) my hunt was over. This is a hunt that anyone would enjoy as there are not better people anywhere, with all you can eat gourmet food and very comfortable cabins....not to mention great bowfishing for carp!! This is a no regret, serious bear hunt for serious bears. If you are thinking about this, don’t give it a second thought….BOOK IT!

Outfitter's Response

As the winning bidder on our annual Christmas Auction, we had some special baits reserved for Steve and his son. We had strong winds this week they hunted with us and I would have preferred my lake baits more but we got lucky when the weather cleared somewhat. Though I come prepared to spend the night on the lake if the weather chooses to make it unsafe to cross the lake any time, this was the closest I've come to making that a reality. Any outfitter reading this, when Steve Blakeman books a hunt with you, prepare yourself to be spending a week with a very kind and enthusiastic hunter.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - May 2014
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Ron Dare
Number in Camp - 9
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Unusually Warm Conditions
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