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Hunter: robert urban
Bear Track Outfitters
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Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

I have been twice and will return again. Ron and crew do an exceptional job from picking me up at the Airport in Winnipeg to dropping me off at my terminal. Ron is a realist and is very up front with expectations from day one. There are things within his control and things outside of that. He cannot control the weather or the bears but does everything within his power to make the week as comfortable and successful as possible. I equate this to an "all inclusive" vacation with no expense spared on behalf of the hunter. Food is just phenomenal - make no mistake, you will NOT be hungry or in anyway disappointed up to, and including, special orders if for some reason you are not into a full thanksgiving dinner type meal.

Hunters have the option to go with guides to bait and check bait sites daily and most enjoy it but if you choose you can stay back in your comfortable accommodations and relax. Cameras show bear activity at sites and guides choose bait sites that fit the client with CLIENT input accepted and allowed. Ron has multiple active baits - so many that there are active baits that are never hunted from year to year due to limited tags and unlimited territory. You will never hunt a burned out bait and can literally hunt a new bait every night if you or your guide feels it offers you the best opportunity. On the topic of bait I have no clue what bait cost in such bulk but suffice it to say the amount and type is exceptional with people(not me) actually eating some of the trail mix Ron feeds his bears. Each bait site has multiple bait options with grease, fat, meat, oats, trail mix(looks like the stuff you have in a bowl on holidays) oil, liquid smoke and other things I am forgetting. No expense spared here!!

Everyone in camp had opportunities to shoot bears and 6 hunters took home bears with one other wounded(shoulder shot with a bow) and not recovered. I was on that track and the bear survived - I would bet my tracking dog on that.

Stands and ground blinds are available and Ron will set up sites to accommodate with dual stands for hunters and wife/friend w camera etc. He did this for two couples in camp together and both hunters got their bear with their wives in the blind/stand with them. Most stands are NEW ladder stands with clear shots to he bait within 15yds but if you are rifle hunting he can move you back if you choose. Ron also offers pop-ups for those that want to hunt from the ground.

Ron is an accomplished taxidermist so trophy care is exceptional and again - you can help or just get out of the way in regards to animal recovery, skinning and game processing.

Cabins on a lake with both heat and AC(both were used during my most recent stay) as well as indoor plumbing and hot showers. I have gone by myself and had a private room but if you go with a friend your will likely share a room and the cabins accommodate 4 hunters comfortably. I will say Ron "gets" people and although I knew no one upon arrival both times I quickly made friends with my cabin mates both times and Ron seems to understand whom to pair off hunters with. A skill not to be overlooked!!

Again, I have been two times and brought home one bear but had opportunities on my first hunt and chose to hold off(my choice - bears were there) I am not super flush with cash and decisions like this are not as easy for me as some but I write the check with a smile knowing I will get every penny worth on this hunt and I am planning to go back again.

I would answer any questions of anyone considering a bear hunt about Ron's operation if you wish - feel free to PM me here on Bowsite any time - my handle is Bushbow.

Bob Urban Michigan

Outfitter's Response

Wow, after reading that review, my head is a little swollen! Guys like Robert are a pleasure to have in this business as guests. Patience is his virtue and he was rewarded. He says we "get people" but he also "gets guiding and outfitting" and the people that choose our life style. Thank you Robert for your honesty.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - May 2014
Implement - Traditional Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Ron Dare
Number in Camp - 7
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
My first time in camp we had clear weather all week with limited bugs(early spring) on My second hunt -2014- we were rained on pretty good the first night but one hunter did get his bear. It is spring in Manitoba so plan for some rain at some point.
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