Summit Treestands

Saskatchewan Live

October 17-22

Day 5

Same stand as the last two days. Weather turned milder. That slowed down the action quite a bit. I saw no bucks until the afternoon when the same 110" 8pt came in and rubbed on some trees.

I saw quite a few bucks sparring today. The rut is just getting started here and the bucks are starting to feel it.

At last light I had the same 8pt come in but he's not getting any bigger so he got a pass. Nobody shot a deer today. The last muzzleloader hunter is heading home empty handed and three of the four bowhunters are down to the last day. We are hoping for an epic finish tomorrow night.

I'm going to change stands and head after a new buck that just showed up. He's close to being a shooter. Do you agree?


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