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Day 5

Join Pat Lefemine and Steve Kremp in Northwest Quebec

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Lots of guys headed behind camp today but a few branched off to different areas of the lake. As before, Arden was the first one out of the gates. We've gotten a big kick out of that and now we all watch for him in the morning and get a big laugh from it!

Dedicated to the Man who inspired us every morning

Steve and I took the morning off from filming and scored a big chunk of the bulls. It was more a favor to the other guys more than anything else. We were amazed at the scores, we shot some huge bulls this week. Arden’s makes B&C minimum "Green" by a couple of inches. It may shrink but it will score easily into PY. Several others made PY as well. My first bull looks like it will miss it by 2 inches however we scored it conservatively and there was some discussion about where to stop on the bez measurements, so we are not splitting him until I can have my official measurer put a tape to him in 60 days. As for my huge bull? Well, at this point all I am saying is that he is huge.

The two Brians’ from Wisconsin saw absolutely nothing behind camp and joined us for lunch. Steve, Phil and myself were just about ready to head off with Jean-Marie so we invited them along. They had nothing to lose, it seems the funnel behind camp has completely dried up. This is caribou hunting - it can turn on and off very fast.

We dropped the two Brians off at a beach a good distance from camp. Then we continued on to look for bulls. 45 minutes later we found a nice bull on an island. He was severely injured with a broken left leg. We headed back to pick up the two Brians and went back to the island. They put on a great stalk but the bull was one step ahead and it fell apart. Phil, Steve and I watched the drama from a cliff on the opposite shore. It was exciting to watch. We had a big picture view and were playing sideline coach from a ¼ mile away. I think we were more disappointed that the stalk fell apart than they were.

We jumped back in the boat and continued looking for caribou. Just before six we spotted a group on a far hillside. As we got closer we saw more. Then we saw some big bulls. Then another group next to shore, and as we rounded the bend, yet another group.

Bingo! This is what we were hoping for. There are still 2 guys with no tagged caribou and 5 guys with one unfilled tag. Tomorrow we’re all heading there to put a last day press on the bous in this area. I can’t wait. And the boys in camp are pretty stoked at our find! We leave first thing in the morning.




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