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An exclusive Interview
by Pat Lefemine

Last week the hunting and sport fishing community was shocked to hear the tragic news that Tred Barta, host of "The Best and Worst of Tred Barta" on Versus had suffered a spinal stroke and was paralyzed from the chest down. On Thursday, May 29th, Tred called me and asked if I would run a second interview. We agreed.

Tred's message has changed, his philosophy has changed, and he has a different perspective on hunting and his future. We did not solicit this interview and never would have. He wants you to hear it - in it's entirety - and we are gracious that Tred asked us to provide it to you. It is both somber and inspirational. And the message is clear - as only Tred can deliver it.

Q1 - Tell us about that fateful day?
question 1
Q2 - Specifically what happened to you?
question 2
Q3 - How has your philosophy changed now?
question 3
Q4 - Having helped others your entire life - how do you feel about that now?
question 4
Q5 - What's the future hold for your hunting and fishing?
question 5
Q6 - Any Parting thoughts or messages?
question 6


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Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tred and Annie. We asked Tred if he had set up a fund to help defray his medical expenses and as of this writing he had not. If that changes we will post it both here and our forums. In the meantime, you can add any well-wishes to him on either the Forums, or's Leatherwall forum. This interview may be discussed here.


Official Press Release

For Immediate Release Media Contact
May 22, 2009 Amy Elias
Profiles, Inc.

TRAGIC TURN FOR SPORTS FISHING LEGEND, TRED BARTA Television Host and Icon of Sports Fishing and Hunting Suffers Spinal Stroke The highly rated television series “The Best & Worst of Tred Barta” has taken a tragic turn as its host Tred Barta was struck last week by a spinal cord stroke just before completing filming of the final episode of the series. The final episode, which will be aired on the Versus Network later this year, will be an up-front and personal account of Barta’s fight to regain the use of his lower extremities that were left paralyzed from the stroke and how this will now relate to his ability and desire to continue to participate in wilderness and high seas adventures.

Barta, the icon of sports fishing and hunting, suffered the spinal cord stroke in mid-May and is currently under the care of doctors at Denver Health Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. “I’ve fought to earn world records for some of the most challenging fish in the ocean and have hunted dangerous game in the wilderness with only my long bow, but nothing compares to the fight I am in now,” said Barta. Spinal cord stroke is among the rarest forms of strokes – 1.2% of all strokes. The overall annual incidence of spinal cord strokes is estimated to be only 12 strokes in 100,000 people.

“Mr. Barta has suffered a spinal cord stroke which is a very uncommon condition. However, he has applied his uniquely vigorous and positive attitude in responding to his illness,” said Michael Earnest, M.D., neurologist, Denver Health. “Tred continues to do things the ‘Barta Way’ working hard and assisting in his daily recovery process. We look forward to his continued progress as he moves to the next level of care. He has earned the respect and admiration of all of us who are caring for him.” Barta is a multiple world record holder in both sport fishing and hunting and hunts almost exclusively with a long-bow and home-made wooden arrows and fishes for marlin and tuna using only the lightest tackle. Fair chase and fair game are the hallmarks of his outdoor ethic. His Barta Blue Marlin Charity Tournaments, now held in Beaufort, North Carolina, are famous for its catch and release-honor system scoring format and have raised more than one million dollars for children’s causes.

“Tred has never done anything the easy way,” says Dean Travis Clarke, Barta’s editor of 20 years and fellow Versus Network TV host. “When he focuses on a goal, get out of the way or he’ll roll right over you! I believe with all my heart that Tred will approach walking again with that same drive and motivation.”

Barta who is also a prolific author writes for Sportfishing Magazine and Big Game Fishing Journal and is largely credited for his role in pioneering offshore “Canyon” fishing and how to fish, a North East Gulf Stream phenomena called warm core eddy formations.

Information about Tred Barta and his medical progress can be found at ####




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