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 By Pat Lefemine

Few people will argue that Glenn St. Charles is one of the few "Great Ones" left. He was born in 1911 and started bowhunting in 1926 - before bowhunting was even considered a hunting method. He founded the Pope and Young Club for reasons that may surprise you. He spent many campfires alongside some of the greatest bowhunters of all time, including his good friend, Fred Bear. And he lived through an era that many people only dream of now. Listen to Glenn, in his own words, as he shares his stories, views and insight after a lifetime of hunting with the bow and arrow.

Note: this interview is a multimedia format so you can listen to the delightful stories and insight as only Glenn can tell them. It requires a Windows Media player to listen. Click this link to download the *free* RealPlayer.


Clip 1 - How Glenn started bowhunting in 1926, shooting sharks, their first handmade bows, teaching other kids about archery

Clip 2 - Glenn's first big game harvest, the formative years, playing a joke on a kid at hunting camp, the highly controversial issue between bowhunters back then - sights vs. no sights

Clip 3 - How the Rifle Hunters teamed up with the HSUS to kill the early seeds of bowhunting, the importance of proving the bow's effectiveness, the roots of the Pope and Young Club and a comparison to today's problems of forming an organization


Clip 4 - Glenn's most memorable bowhunts with Fred Bear on the Little Delta River, bowhunting goats in BC

Clip 5 - What it was like to hunt back then, the freedom of that era, story about a grizzly bear who displayed some unusual behavior

Clip 6 - Views on the great bowhunters of the past


Clip 7 - Discussion about Grousehaven

Clip 8 - Glenn's close calls - the dangerous hunts, Grizzly in AK, stupid bush pilot and more

Clip 9 - Views on the biggest threat to bowhunting as he sees it


Clip 10 - The golden years of bowhunting - the 50's and the differences between then and now

Clip 11 - Glenn describes the 'perfect day' of hunting - taking a walk in the woods. He recounts a hunt that left him with many questions

Clip 12 - Glenn's final words

Bows on the Little Delta is a recount of Glenn's hunts during the 40's,50's and more. The centerpiece takes place on Alaska's Little Delta River. Stories of hunting with Fred Bear and others, Glenn's life as a pioneer of bowhunting, his philosophy and thoughts. 400 pps and over 200 photos. It can be purchased from many of our sponsors including and or you may order it direct from Joe St. Charles at - I highly recommend this book to all serious bowhunters!!



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