Summit Treestands
 By Pat Lefemine

Tell us about yourself (a quick Bio about Ted Nugent )?
I'm a free man with maximum All American Attitude that kills all my family's food purely & naturally. Oh yeah, & I milk maximum blood from a Gibson guitar, scaring many whites.
What or whom got you started into hunting?
My dad was a bowhunter when I was born in '48. Godbless the man!

Tell us about the first big game animal you shot? 
I hunted every year since I could walk but didn't bag a deer till '68 w/ a Winchester M70 .308. Two yrs later I bowkilled my 1st whitetail! WOW! I can still smell it!!

What would you consider your favorite game animal to hunt? Why? 
I luv all hunting but the mystical mature whitetail drives me NUTZ!!

If hunters had to choose one person as a spokesman for us, would you want to be that spokesman? Why or Why not?
I would not want to BUT I have in actual practice become just that, if one were to honestly add up the total number of people I have impacted. It is an honor but a sad state that a stupid guitar player finds himself in this position because there is no real leadership otherwise.

Recently you have toned down your comments like "Rape O' the hills", "Texas Goose Slaughter" and have removed your middle finger graphic from your publication. What is the reason for the more 'Politically Correct' tone? 
I have, in fact, not toned down nor eliminated any of those cute statements. I am supremely confident that there throbs in America plenty of intellectually sound folk with an adequate sense of humor to grasp such simple cute-isms.

How can average, working-class hunter, help to protect hunting?
A bare minimum would be to join the NRA & your state hunt group. Best plan is to join TNUSA and actively implement our proven methodologies to upgrade legislation and imagery.

You have obviously captured the attention of various media producers who look for dynamic, colorful figures to speak about hunting. The show "Politically Correct" comes to mind as one example. Are you concerned that toning down your message and being more 'normal' (for lack of a better term) may mean fewer people get the message? 
No tonedown, no fear.

What type of archery equipment are you shooting now? 
Many different bows & guns. Favorite is my 47" bastardized Browning BloodBrother/Vanguard @ 60#, 440 gr carbon GoldTips, Eastons, Arrow Dynamic Nitro Stingers & GameTrackers Carbon Xpress with the almighty Nugent Blade killing machine

I have long admired your dedication to helping youth and your stance on drugs and alcohol. Do you feel a message about the traditional sporting activities like hunting and fishing has a chance with youth in this era of political correctness, computers and video games? Have you seen a difference in the lives of the kids whom attended your Kamp for Kids?

Not only do the shooting sports have a chance, but if the sport industry would get their antique heads out of their Leave it To Beaver asses, every damn kid in the freeworld would GO WILD with all that is the shoot/hunt dynamic discipline! I have proof!!!

What do you have planned for 2000? A new tour?
Biggest NugeTour in 12 years with KISS, more than 100 cities & 2 MILLION people will see my flaming arrow, attitude, spirit and meet FRED BEAR!!!

You called for a boycott of Ontario Hunting and Fishing after Snobelen announced the Spring Bear Closure. But you quickly reversed position and called it off. What was your reason? 
Dedicated ACTIVIST sporters, a new concept in Canada, formed COHA, Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance of which I proudly sit on the Board of Directors. I showed goodwill, goodfaith & solidarity by calling off the boycott at their request.

Of all the topics discussed on the Bowsite's conferences, any with the word Nugent in the topic line are sure to be controversial. Do you follow any of these on-line discussions?  
I saw one thread once, instigated by vicious rumors and lies by a Dave Dalton and 2 or 3 other misdirected fools. I responded & was done with it. I have an incredible ALIVE life offering much better things to do with my family & friends. I don't really expect anyone to grasp the sheer volume of my daily correspondences & activities. I answer all the children and well meaning, pro & con communications daily. I ignore lies and pettyness.

Interestingly, the second most controversial subject on our site is also a bowhunter from Michigan. What is your take on the Rompola Buck? 
Ol' Mitch is admittedly weird, but I cannot get excited about such nonsense. Way too much attention is payed to trophy considerations. I know he is a dedicated talented bowhunter naturalist and may God be with him.

Critics maintain that you help to enforce the liberal media characterization of hunters as crude, uncivilized and bloodthirsty. How do you respond to those claims?  
PoppyCock. MADD, SADD, DARE, community leaders, good senators, congressmen, governors, men & women of the cloth, mothers and grandmothers across America invite me DAILY to connect with their children. Now that's a meaningful barometer of the heart as to what I really represent.

A few years ago I was waiting in an airport and picked up a copy of George Magazine. You had an article in there that was articulate and captivating. It made a fantastic argument for hunting and was one of the best works I had read.. until the very end where you used expletives, and in my mind, you blew it. This has long been a question of a lot of people, me included - why do this?  
Have you noticed that your non-expletive writings did not make it into George, or Men's Health or Men's Fitness or Penthouse, or USA Today, or Maxim (& the GAZILLIONS OF READERS I HIT) because just maybe what you feel "blows it" in fact buoys the good huntword to sophisticated America. I know that hurts, but maybe you guys could someday admit your failings to connect with the big boys and real America. What you see as expletives, are NOT expletives to the vast majority. How many more examples do you need?? Face your denial and get on with it my friends.

Do you think we are winning the battle against anti-hunters and Politically Correct attitudes toward hunting?
In little battles here & there we win, but the real brave activists are outnumbered by pissin' & whinin' little babies who do NOTHING.

If there was one incident, or comment in your public hunting career that you could erase, what would that be?

In the big picture of the real world of major media I retract nothing. I am proudest just to be courageous enuf to hammer on in the face of tiny minded naysayers in my own huntworld.

Where do you see hunting in the year 2025?
Great IF we flush the petty squabbling amongst ourselves and get smart.

What's next for Ted Nugent?
Higher, bigger, wilder, rockin' & gutpiles and backstraps.


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