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Interactive Blood Trail Competition 17 - You Track the deer




 Clue 6
An actual, recent, Bloodtrail

This bloodtrail is 100% real. All the pictures and steps are as it happened during a recent Connecticut Deer hunt in January, 2005. Good Luck!

Below you will see 4 photos from blood trails. Three of these photos were taken from bloodtrail 17 - the deer you have been following, however one was taken from a deer with a combination lung and gut hit. See if you can spot the photo which does not belong.

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D








Bloodtrailing Competition - Clue 6

Please vote on the most likely choice after you are given each clue. Correct answers are awarded the maximum points. Note: there are many correct answers, but some are better than others. You need to be a registered visitor to play and have your cookies enabled to play. Your score will be held in the database until the 8th clue at which time we will post the final scores including the top 50 highest scorers for the competition. New clues will be presented daily.
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Which bloodtrail photo does not belong??
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