Summit Treestands

South Carolina

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Residents: C-
Individual Reports and Comments
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Candor (resident)
Buck Quality: C+
Deer Quantity: B
Deer Management: C+
Quality of deer gradually improving over last few years because of influx of genes from Georgia and better management. Hunter education programs lacking. Brown its down buck mindset is pervasive.
Michael wood (resident)
Buck Quality: C
Deer Quantity: C
Deer Management: F
Although several quality bucks are killed, harvest size limits need to be added 6 pts or better . Instead of taking the time to trap and tag coyotes... kill the damn things and trap some more . Hogs .
r-man (resident)
Buck Quality: C-
Deer Quantity: D
Deer Management: D
Are state is in a decline in numbers for yrs, there are a few areas unaffected , but they have reduced the bag limits but not near enough ! Sad .
Nathan Tyson (resident)
Buck Quality: B-
Deer Quantity: A
Deer Management: F
If it’s brown it’s down in most of SC.
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