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Grade Breakdown by Resident and Nonresident

Residents: C-
Nonresidents: B+
Individual Reports and Comments
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Brad Bergen (resident)
Buck Quality: D
Deer Quantity: A-
Deer Management: D-
Deer populations are looking good again. Unfortunately mature bucks are exceptionally rare. Not uncommon to see 250-300 deer in an evening and no bucks in the 3.5 yrs + age range.
Tman (resident)
Buck Quality: C-
Deer Quantity: B+
Deer Management: D-
While deer populations have rebounded following several gentle winters our mature buck population is very poor for whitetails. Have seen 300+ deer in the last week and only 1 mature buck.
jeffrey Bolton (nonresident)
Buck Quality: A+
Deer Quantity: B+
Deer Management: A
Great genetics great management program/DNR very hunter friendly my home state of Michigan which is a anti-hunting state will never be anything like SK
Pat Lefemine (nonresident)
Buck Quality: B+
Deer Quantity: C+
Deer Management: B+
I love hunting Saskatchewan and consistently see quality deer on my hunts. You have a real opportunity for a giant in SK!
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