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dean j (resident)
Buck Quality: A
Deer Quantity: B
Deer Management: B
Don't think its a guess since I've been hunting for over 40 years.From what I saw and reports from people I hunt with, there were many big buck sightings this year even though hunting was hard due to
DeerDan (resident)
Buck Quality: B+
Deer Quantity: A-
Deer Management: C-
Hunting is pretty good for the size of the state. Been putting meat in my freezer and the occasional buck for the wall for years now.
Benjamin Emond (resident)
Buck Quality: B-
Deer Quantity: B+
Deer Management: C-
I believe that the state over manages the deer here and wants to eliminate too many deer. Especially does.
Charlie Rehor (resident)
Buck Quality: C
Deer Quantity: D
Deer Management: D
Muzzleloader season targets the rut. Foolish but RI does everything different.
Justin Lacasse (resident)
Buck Quality: C+
Deer Quantity: B-
Deer Management: C-
RI needs to give out less doe tags to increase our population at least in the western part of the state. I don't see much of the revenue going into management areas for deer habitat.
Paul (resident)
Buck Quality: B
Deer Quantity: B
Deer Management: B-
Did see a few bucks , all the deer looked in great shape . State is still giving to many permits out .
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