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Rhode Island

Grade Breakdown by Resident and Nonresident

Residents: C+
Individual Reports and Comments
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Benjamin Emond (resident)
Buck Quality: B-
Deer Quantity: B+
Deer Management: C-
I believe that the state over manages the deer here and wants to eliminate too many deer. Especially does.
Charlie Rehor (resident)
Buck Quality: C
Deer Quantity: D
Deer Management: D
Muzzleloader season targets the rut. Foolish but RI does everything different.
Justin Lacasse (resident)
Buck Quality: C+
Deer Quantity: B-
Deer Management: C-
RI needs to give out less doe tags to increase our population at least in the western part of the state. I don't see much of the revenue going into management areas for deer habitat.
Paul (resident)
Buck Quality: B
Deer Quantity: B
Deer Management: B-
Did see a few bucks , all the deer looked in great shape . State is still giving to many permits out .
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