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Grade Breakdown by Resident and Nonresident

Residents: B-
Individual Reports and Comments
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Shooterbuck2405 (resident)
Buck Quality: B+
Deer Quantity: A-
Deer Management: B+
seen lots of deer last season also shot the biggest deer of my life last year
Timbrhuntr (resident)
Buck Quality: A-
Deer Quantity: A
Deer Management: C
Canuck (resident)
Buck Quality: B+
Deer Quantity: A+
Deer Management: A+
I am extremely satisfied with the way our Ministry manages the deer herd by controlling the number of antlerless deer tags issued in each Wildlife Management Unit.
James emmons (resident)
Buck Quality: B+
Deer Quantity: C
Deer Management: C
Seen at least one buck each day out and seen better quality bucks then other years
Bob Strachan (resident)
Buck Quality: F
Deer Quantity: F
Deer Management: D
No bucks or does spotted very few kills reported among friends and neighbors.
1942 (resident)
Buck Quality: D
Deer Quantity: A+
Deer Management: A
I hunt the first week of the bow season and see very few bucks. I the week I had 29 deer within 30 yards and only 5 had horns of some sort. Lots of does and single and double fawns
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