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Grade Breakdown by Resident and Nonresident

Residents: C+
Nonresidents: B+
Individual Reports and Comments
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Duncan Fletcher (nonresident)
Buck Quality: A-
Deer Quantity: A
Deer Management: C
Sadly no longer a resident. By far the best year for bucks in over 30yrs. Never saw a buck tagged less than 180lbs out of dozens. Great headgear (for ME). Mine was 200lbs most were much higher.
Erik Grove (resident)
Buck Quality: B+
Deer Quantity: B+
Deer Management: B+
I like the zone management of the doe harvest compared to the NH system where I grew up. The numbers of deer are positive across the state with some good help from mother nature holding down snow
OMM Outfitters (nonresident)
Buck Quality: A+
Deer Quantity: A
Deer Management: F
Hunted 30 days of the season. Scouted for 100 days
bigwoodsbucks22 (nonresident)
Buck Quality: A
Deer Quantity: A
Deer Management: B+
great year for the deer herd in Maine. the lack of doe tags is finally helping
Tradesman4 (resident)
Buck Quality: C+
Deer Quantity: C-
Deer Management: D
nothing to do with science for managing the deer herd.
Brian Zappala (resident)
Buck Quality: B-
Deer Quantity: B-
Deer Management: C-
The state has let all the northern Maine wintering areas get cut off. So any decent hunting is in the central and southern part of the state. They do not put any effort in to managing for quality .
Heritage (resident)
Buck Quality: B-
Deer Quantity: C-
Deer Management: C-
Maine manages for a large herd, not a healthy herd or buck quality. A one deer state (with exeptions). A license guarantees a buck, but a select few, by drawing, earn the right to shoot a doe instead
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