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Grade Breakdown by Resident and Nonresident

Residents: B
Nonresidents: A-
Individual Reports and Comments
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MathewsMan (nonresident)
Buck Quality: B+
Deer Quantity: B+
Deer Management: A+
I went on my first Coues hunt (guided) and had to return in January on my own- I will be making a habit of this hunt!
Chief1942 (resident)
Buck Quality: B+
Deer Quantity: A
Deer Management: B+
They are out there if you know where to find them. Passed on two nice bucks as we (wife and I) could not assure ourselves of an ethical kill.
Duncan Fletcher (resident)
Buck Quality: B
Deer Quantity: B-
Deer Management: C+
Hard to draw a tag in quality units. Harder hunt in wolf occupied units, coming soon to the Kaibab. Better hunting along the border, if you dare.
MathewsMan (nonresident)
Buck Quality: A+
Deer Quantity: B+
Deer Management: B
First trip I ever hunted Coues in August. Heading back now in January as it is very enjoyable.
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