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Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

Steve Byers committed in written that there would only be 4 bowhunters in camp each week. There were 6. In writing he committed to 1 guid for every 2 bowhunters. Steve was the only ride for 6 bowhunters. The stands were of the lowest quality and in disrepair and unsafe and not in old locations. The login was terrible, the food was sub par, This was a 5 day rut bow hunt. The entire experience was so bad that 5 of 6 bowhunters left after 3 full days of bowhunting. The only bowhunter to remain was stuck their because of his airline tickets. The rest of us drove and could leave. Several people never saw a deer. We all agreed that we had been deceived. He took $10,000 from our group of 6 and no deer killed and try few seen but the dishonesty and the junk gear he used and him guiding hunters via text messages and over the phone or by reflective ribbons on trees meant he did not have enough guides for 6 hunters. This was the worst sided experience of my life.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - YES

Outfitter's Response

None to date. If you are the outfitter please email us.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2019
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Steve Byers
Number in Camp - 6
Outfitter Cost - $1,200.00
Other Costs - $0.00
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
There were no weather issues. It was a read November week as far as weather was concerned.
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