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Cody Carr

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Hunter: Caleb Invidiata
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Average Rating 3.9
Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

When booking this trip it was made to sound like we would be hunting on leased land, not public land where we would see the general public and their tracks in the same hunting spots we were looking to hunt. we were also made to believe that it would basically come down to me deciding to take the shot and would have multiple shot opportunities... well that was not true and the two chances we really did have the guides strategy ruined our chances...on the first one we were set up, had a bull at 53 yards and because he couldn't see us he decided it would be a good idea to stop calling and come crashing through the bushes looking for us...well I guess elk don't like that..and the elk took off.

I have some issues with the outfit, but I think my issues lie more with the guide we were assigned too. First off, to be told we would be with a senior guide sounded great till learning that the 'senior' guide is 20 years old... now I'm not saying you can't be a great hunter at 20 but the maturity level was not there for our guide. He wore his emotions on his sleeve and let his frustrations get the best of him. Even after sitting down with Cody and our guide talking to them about the issues, we agreed that if we went back out with our guide he needed to press the reset button and forget what happened the days before and tomorrow needed to be a fresh hunt...well that didn't happen (after giving our guide the option to opt out of the last day and assign us a new guide). Before we even started to hike the first words out of his mouth were "well this is going to suck I should of said no to this and told Cody this is a bad idea" As I replied "well isn't that such an encouraging attitude." From the first day it never seemed like he wanted to be guiding us, never seemed excited to get us on bulls, did not want to call much.. even when we asked him to he came up with reasons why not to, lost his wind checker early in the week and didn't bring a new one for two days. If we asked questions to try and educate ourselves his main response to our questions were "I don't know"... Only on the first day did we get to our spot, get out of the truck and start our hike in at dark and he did some blind calling to locate some bulls, after that we would get up at 3am leave by 415 but when we got to where we were going it was "sleepy time" in the truck...if we were just driving to sleep why not just let us sleep in a bed for an extra hour and not crammed into a truck! On the last day he tried to leave the one area we were seeing animals early and thats when I told him "this is the last day the chance we got you aren't going anywhere, you are going to stay here and do your job" his response "theres plenty of land to hunt on the way out" oh you mean the same land we hiked on the way in when I told you to call and you told me theres not point probably just call in a bear.... once back at camp that last night was out at my truck and was trying to figure out what I was going to leave him for a tip until he came outside and with a quick "well I'm out of here, have a safe trip home" and got in his truck and took off he made my decision for me. Not once did he ever express any remorse or say "guys I'm sorry this didn't work out and we didn't get you an elk, I hope you know how much I wish we did...blah blah" something like that just bye safe travels... just no care at all.

Words of advice: In the future don't tell your hunt guests on the first day that you hate staying at certain lodges. Your experience is only as good as your mindset and his poor attitude showed all week.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - YES

Outfitter's Response

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - September 2017
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Number in Camp - 8
Outfitter Cost - $5,600.00
Other Costs - $2,000.00
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