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Hunter: Jeff Cole
Ratings to date: 2
Average Rating 1.0
Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

I have held off a year before posting. Wanted to let emotions die down and just deal with here goes. My background: I am an avid bow hunter and have been a guide on both fully and semi guided hunting operations in Colorado and Georgia back in the 90's. My experience with Xtreme: Positives: great accommodations and a great dinner everyday. There are big deer in the area and guys have harvested some big ones with these guys. And the turkeys appear to be abundant. Negatives: 1. For all the pics of food plots and food sources that are shown on the website, we never saw or hunted any of them. 2. Was surprised that pics of bucks on trail cams in the areas we were hunting weren't shared with us. There were never any "we've been getting pics of the buck in this area" conversations. Hind site being 20/20, it made me wonder if there just weren't any big deer seen near the stands we hunted. 3. Three of us came to hunt. For the first 2 days, we were set in the same stands. At no point was wind direction or approach discussed. I was shocked at this as with all of my personal guiding and personal hunting, wind direction is priority #1. Stands were not very high or camouflaged very well and I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. I had 3 different wind directions in 3 hunts in this first set up. We saw 6 does and a spike between the 3 of us in the first 2 days stands. We asked to hunt different spots and they accommodated. The 3 of us got placed on an 85 acre piece that turns out had been hunted hard the days before we arrived.(may have been 185 but I'm pretty sure I remember it being 85). How did I know it was hunted hard before we arrived? The guide accidentally showed me a camera disk that had pics of the other guy in camp coming and going from the same stand I sat. I asked him about it when I got back to camp and he confirmed he had hunted it for the 2 days prior to our arrival and had only seen a couple of small bucks. We all saw the same small 8 pt and some does. Once we realize we are hunting a really small piece that was hunted hard previously, we are frustrated to say the least, especially considering there are supposed to be 3000+\- acres to hunt. 4. Meanwhile we keep hearing about these past clients from Pennsylvania that are coming in next week. Yep they hunted a totally different piece that appeared to be saved for them...and of course they killed a true wallhanger. 5. Food: the website says meals are included. By meals, it should say "dinner". Dinners were fantastic but you're on your own for breakfast and lunch. If you're gonna pull an all day hunt they will make a sandwich for you if you ask. I had to ask about breakfast and they were gracious enough to purchase some cereals and pop tarts for us. Again, the dinners were great. Just felt like we should have been told that other meals, especially that breakfast wasn't included. As a former guide, we always provided all meals in both fully and semi-guided hunts. Conclusion: We ended up leaving early because of a situation at home but honestly, with all we had experienced, we were already discussing leaving early. It's a good group of guys. They really are. We just didn't have a great experience and would not return for the price we paid.

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2016
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Number in Camp - 4
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Warmer than usual
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