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Name - Derek Bazell
From - Ohio
Username - baz777

Overall Rating This Report: *****Excellent

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Date of Hunt - September 2017
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Number in Camp - 1

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I found headin west while searching bowsite for elk outfitters. I'm a DIY kinda guy so Joes service suited me well. After talking with Joe and explaining to him what type of hunt I was looking for he picked a location and sent me the info. The info included a topo map with detailed spots marked on the map of bedding areas, travel corridors, hot spots, where he's killed elk before, water sources, cell phone reception, and wallows. Along with the map he sent a 3 page instruction guide explaining each spot on the map and the best way to approach the hunting area. I've now used this map two years and both times had very successful hunts in the form of elk being in the places he said they should, all of the areas he marked on the maps were accurate and easily found. Even though I have not killed a bull there, we have had several encounters with elk and failed shot attempts. All in all, I would not hesitate one bit to point people in joes direction. He is great to work with, answers questions quickly, and I still keep in contact with him today. He's running a top notch program. Comments Submitted


Outfitter Response:
Hey... you forgot to mention that your partner killed a bull screaming in his face from what was it 2 or 4 yards! I have a wide variety of hunt plans in both Wyoming and Montana. All in places I've personally hunted and or guided. My job is to match my clients to a plan that fits their goals and abilities. You guys being young and fit made that job easy. I have hunters in their mid to late 60s that weren't as easy but they have had success killing bulls as well. Nothing is as rewarding as getting calls and emails from clients that say wow you sure know that area and the elk well. I do but I can't hunt them all so I'm glad to be able to get guys on the right track fast instead of seeing them roll the dice and go on expensive elkless camping trips. I love my job! If anyone else is interested in chasing bulls and just needs a solid plan feel free to email me at You can get details about my services at Thanks for the review Derek!

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