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Big Horn Outfitters - Wyoming
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Name - Rena Arens
From - Colorado
Username - rf52

Overall Rating This Report: *****Excellent

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Date of Hunt - August 2016
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Nolan
Number in Camp - 6

Did Weather Affect your Hunt?
Yes - Unusually Cold Conditions

Weather Comments:
The one was like a hurricane and so cold and wet. I did hold out in the blind, but so bad even the animals bedded down out of range.


Hunter Comments -->>>

As an older female hunter with physical limits, I am always a little apprehensive about a hunt. Dustin took me on my first hunt, rifle pronghorn, in 2011. He was so great with me! Then in 2015 and 2016, archery pronghorn for both my husband and me. Successful for both in 2015. In 2016, I had a run of bad luck with shots and weather so Dustin and Rich allowed me to come back the following week. I made the trip all by myself. Nolan my guide for both years was just excellent and so supportive and encouraging and Rich took me for an afternoon and couldn't have been nicer. The attention and support Big Horn gives their hunters is unbelievable. Even making the trip by myself, I was treated with kindness and respect and felt very comfortable and safe. Never once felt out of place. The guys are all great, the amount and quality of game is beyond compare, Jen's kitchen is next to none and the lodge is beautiful and comfortable. Not one detail is left untouched.. For me it was like going hunting with three sons. I think anyone would be hard pressed to even compare Big Horn with other outfitters. They go above and beyond in every aspect. Love these boys!! AND female hunters..this is the place to go!


Outfitter Response:
Thank you Rena!

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