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New Mexico
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Hunter: Kirk Kaiser
Ratings to date: 3
Average Rating 2.0
Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

Weather definitely played some factor in the hunt, but overall quality and quantity of animals was very poor. We were told we would have the camp to ourselves (paid in full for 4 people upon booking) only to arrive and find 3 more people in camp. Accommodations were good with buffet style cooking (always cold drinks and snacks a plus). The owner Brian is very rough around the edge with several times chewing out guides in front of us. He does strive for a good hunt for everyone on the plus side. I saw 2 average bulls, both on the wrong side of fences and spent the last evening with 2 guides trying to figure out what fence was legal. Very frustrating. No follow up at all from anyone at the camp. Poor customer service. The guides were the best part, but pained to see them treated like they were. Not worth the money spent.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - NO

Outfitter's Response

I would like to thank Bowsite for giving me the opportunity to respond to this review.

After nearly 20 years as an outfitter I have learned a couple of things, one is you can't please everyone and there are two sides to every story.

Kirk seems to have forgotten many parts of his hunt.

I told him there was already one other hunter booked BEFORE he booked but I did add one hunter in camp after he booked so there was a total of six guys in camp instead of five.

On Kirk's hunt, out of six guys every hunter had a shot opportunity! One hunter shot and wounded a 300 class bull but was never recovered. A second hunter killed a 315 bull. The two guys that came with Kirk shot 5x5's and Kirk's other buddy shot at and missed a bull. Kirk on one occasion had a 300 class bull at 10 yards! Kirk chose to try to get his buddy to shoot the bull but because of all of the nonsense no one shot that bull. On another occasion Kirk had a 290 class bull at 300 yards but passed on him because the guide would not commit to the bull being at least a 300 class bull. One morning a 330+ bull crossed the fence on to the public land before legal shooting light and the guide would not let Kirk illegally shoot the bull even though he wanted to. The thing that really gets me about this whole review is that on the last evening we had five guides out helping Kirk and his buddy try to get another shot before the hunt was over. Kirk and two guides found a 290 bull just across the fence on the neighbors. While the guides agreed that the bull was across the fence one guide checked his GPS to make sure it was a boundary fence and not a cross fence. Through the whole thing Kirk stood and cussed profusely using the F word every other word because the guides would not let Kirk illegally shoot the bull that was smaller than bulls he had passed on earlier in the hunt. That evening Kirk would not speak to anyone and left without speaking to anyone so we felt there was no need for further correspondence.

Our hunts are just that, a hunt! If you expect more than that then we are definitely not the right outfitter for you. I believe we did everything we could legally do to get everyone in camp at least one opportunity.

Brian Newell

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - October 2016
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Number in Camp - 7
Outfitter Cost - $7,000.00
Other Costs - $1,000.00
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? No - Weather not a factor
Weather Comments:
Cool at night with warm sunny days in the 60s.
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