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Name - Curt Wells
From - North Dakota
Username - Curt Wells

Overall Rating This Report: *****Excellent

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Date of Hunt - September 2016
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Steve Cross/Don Lind
Number in Camp - 1

Did Weather Affect your Hunt?
No - Weather not a factor

Weather Comments:
Weather was beautiful. It tends to be less wet than Alaska, especially coastal Alaska.


Hunter Comments -->>>

Don Lind at MacMillan River Adventures does a great job with the considerable logistics involved whenever you hunt the Yukon Territories. I could have shot four bulls besides the one I tagged. Don and my guide Steve Cross (a Game Warden Supervisor in Alberta who takes vacation to guide moose hunts) were responsible for ending my seven-year moose curse and that takes serious skill!! The accommodations were fantastic, the food was excellent, and, for once, the weather was perfect (I told you Don was good!). This was one of the greatest adventures in my bowhunting career and I highly recommend MRA.


Outfitter Response:

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