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Wild Hill Preserve

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Hunter: Mark Malkowski
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Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

This was my first pay for hunt for anything, so I was a little unclear about how things go and such. Maybe a few questions should have been asked by me that weren't. A few things could have been a little clearer on how the hunt is conducted. I'm used to doing my own thing and this outfitter made it clear they would put you in a place and stay put due to his insurance reasons. This was not disclosed before the hunt. Another issue was we were bowhunters mixed with rifle hunters that we didn't know.....hence the reason for staying not being able to hunt freely, it made me a little uncomfortable.

Basically the hunt was conducted with a feeling of rush to get you an animal as fast as possible, we were placed on stand in the morning and saw nothing at all. Then scooped up on an ATV and with a guide talking back and forth on a walkie talkie pushing 2 boars to us. Even though we had another whole day and a half left we were pressured to shoot these, the first two animals we had seen. We then hit the animals with good shots and chased them down, having to put more shots in them, and I felt almost causing one of the boars to charge my hunting partner. All in all a little to rushed for me.

Everything else like the food (was excellent)and comraderie was good in camp even though we were in mixed groups. Camp is clean and decent. It is a good operation and the largest preserve in the Northeast, however we didn't see a heck of a lot of animals. Personally there are better places in the Northeast to boar hunt, that offer a less rushed and structured hunt, but I cannot give a negative recommendation here because of personal feelings on how a hunt should be conducted. It's possible that many clients of preserves want a quick hunt, I'd rather look over a few animals and have a more laid back hunt without even a "guide" present.

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - October 2001
Implement - Traditional Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Bill
Number in Camp - 2
Outfitter Cost - $650.00
Other Costs - $50.00
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