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Hunter: Gareth Chin
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So My father and I just got back from Stoneledge Ranch in Texas. What a great hunt! Let me start off by saying that this was the best hunt that my father and I have ever shared. This was not a diehard, gritty DIY trophy hunt but a hunt to enjoy each other’s company. I also had 2 cousins fly in from Hawaii to spend that time with us and we could not have found a better place to do it. If you are looking for a place that will show you a great time for a reasonable price Stoneledge would be the place to check out. They have “buddy” hunts that allow you and a partner to shoot 5 animals of your choice. If you check out their website they have pricing there.

As I had mentioned Stoneledge is a place to spend time with great people. The food was fantastic, the guides were very knowledgeable, food was out of this world (gained a few pounds there), the accommodations were 5 star and our host was the greatest! Alan is a great guy and is one of the most down to earth guys I have met. He took the time to sit with us every night for dinner which turned out to be the best way that I can think to end a day of hunting.

On the second day my father chose to take a scimitar horned oryx in place of a low fenced whitetail. Let me tell you, don’t let high fences fool you. The main fenced pasture is over 800 acres and the animals are as wild as any I have seen. There are a few stupid animals in there and I think their demeanor is subject to the hunting pressure that they receive. So if you are looking to take a first time hunter there are animals there for them to take also. That day also saw one of my cousins shoot a scimitar, the other one take a beautiful Texas dall sheep and I chose a doe for meat. You don’t go to Texas’s hill country to shoot a gigantic 170 main frame buck and that is not what we were looking for. I know for myself, being that my dad makes 70 this year it was all about spending time with him and seeing that smile on his face when he made that awesome 150 yard shot freehand. It was a perfect double lung shot and the animal dropped within a 100 yards.

We now have a freezer full of great meat and a beautiful male scimitar over at the taxidermist. Game care is included in the price and they do a great job of it. It sure was nice having someone take care of all of that while we sipped on cocktails at the end of the day.

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - December 2010
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide -
Number in Camp - 10
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Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Unusually Warm Conditions
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Weather was dry but nice
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