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Boazman's Quatro B

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Hunter: Don DeMatto
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Average Rating 2.0
Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

Spent 4 days at this ranch for a ram of any type. All others hunted for a ram/exotic combo at an expense of $1000. My ram hunt for 4 days cost $900 (that includes 4 night stay). Of the 5 persons in camp, 1 small corsican ram was shot along with 1 small Aoudad. I had never seen any rams other than 3 or 4 texas dall rams that each had an extra $500 trophy fee placed on them. The guide would insist I sit the west end of the property and I would see only those Dahl sheep that I had no interest in. In all honesty these rams were barely big enough for me to want to shoot, although the owner claimed they were all 30 inches+. Three had broken horns and were not more than 22 inch rams at best. Another one had a missing eye and both horns were also broke. I could have walked up on him and stuck him with a knife. He kept running into and getting hung up in cactus. They were not terrible rams, just not worth any trophy fee. The fella's I was hunting with continued to see rams (Corsican, etc) on the east end of the property. I did arrow 2 hogs which were part of the ram package, but when it came to exotics the horned variety was just not there. I saw 1 blackbuck over the four days with maybe 10 inch horns. The others saw one that may have been 16 inches. There was a monster axis seen, but that was the one and only horned axis seen. There are many does of all varieties.

Doug (the owner) was all business from the word go. What you can/can not shoot. How much. Etc., which is all nice to know and it is necessary but there was no personality beyond business. The hunting was supposedly guided by Caleb. He would drop us off in the morning, drive by the stands with a corn feeder, then head off to school. Oh yeah, one afternoon after the morning sit we had to fix the feeder on the back of that jeep because we noticed it was not feeding that morning (rock stuck in the rotor). If anything was shotin the morning(which never happened, luckily) there was no one to pick you up with your game. When it came to dressing and preparing any animals that were taken you were told how much it would cost. Other places I've been to let that up to you when it came to a tip. Use of dogs to aid in finding animals also a fee, most other places I've been thats free and you can compensate the guide/owner again on your own via tip. The bunk house was awesome. I won't go back, not that I think it is a terrible place, but I have been to others that are so much better for even less money.

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - March 2009
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Number in Camp - 5
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