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Hunter: Scott Tharp
Scott Tharp
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Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

My father and I booked our "once in a lifetime" elk hunt 2 years in advance with Wapiti Ridge Outfitters. At the time of booking, we were told we were the only hunters booked (per Justin Jarrett). We paid a $1000 deposit to book a "first rifle" October 1st Elk hunt. One year later, at the time of license application, Justin informed us that we had been "bumped" by a larger party because he "refused to turn down $30,000 to accomodate 2 guys"... My father & I had already submitted our vacation requested and could not reschedule our hunt- Nor were we interested a 2nd season elk hunt!! Furthermore, Justin refused to return our deposit with complete disregard to ethics. As a lifelong hunter, LET ME WARN YOU- JUSTIN JARRETT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. He will cut you out if he thinks he can make more money. Who wants to hunt with someone like that?? I am currently pursuing Justin Jarrett through the Wyoming Board of Outfitters for unethical businesses practices.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - NO

Outfitter's Response

In response to Mr. Tharp's claims: He was never "bumped." I simply asked Mr. Tharp if he would be willing to move to another hunt date, eight months in advance of his hunt. His response was that he would try . I also informed Mr. That if he was unable to change dates I would make it work as I am a man of my word. This is a normal practice because in Wyoming as outfitters we are at the mercy of the draw system. I think that eight months is ample time to request a schedule change. The story does not end there. A few minutes later Mr. Tharp's Daughter-in-law called and started to read me the riot act about how I was not living up to my end of the deal. (I only asked them if they were willng and/or able to move the hunt dates. I never said that they were not going to be able to hunt on the original dates). In a later communication it was stated that we would guarantee their original dates, and appologized for any misunderstanding. They informed me that they wanted their deposit back. At that point I informed them that they would have to adhere to the refund policy that is clearly stated on my website and with the Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides, which states: " we will refund a deposit if and when we have another hunter booked in your place." This is clearly a case of "first timers" not knowing how the system works. Had they been more patient and had they known that as the outfitter I accomodate 75- 100 clients per season, (shuffle of dates, people and camps when the draw comes out is common) they would have had a more enjoyable experience. On a more positive note, last week we booked our last client of the season and Mr. Tharp will be recieving his deposit back soon. I hope that in the future if Mr. Tharp decides to book a hunt anywhere he does it himself and not with the "help" of his relatives. The miscommunication was terrible and it cost him a great hunt. We are absolutely not " all about the money " and if you would like to check on some references I'll be happy to provide a list as long as your arm. I also would like to state that, I think it is getting to a pretty sad state that now clients are filing complaints and making accusations before they even go on the hunt. There are some bad apples out there but for the most part we as outfitters are a simple, hard working bunch of people trying to do what we can with more and more regulation every year. We try to make sure that everybody gets a personal, enjoyable hunt and our record speaks for itself. Happy Trails Justin Jarrett WAPITI RIDGE OUTFITTERS P.O. BOX 3165 CODY, WY 82414 800-843-7885 WWW.WAPITIRIDGEOUTFITTERS.COM

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - October 2009
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide -
Number in Camp - 2
Weather Information
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