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Why you need Spring/Summer Plots -Kent Kammermeyer suggests what to plant and explains why spring/summer plots are vital for deer! -May,29, 2013

A Year with a FLIR - Thermal Camera -We test a FLIR thermal camera to test its usefulness for bowhunting. Check out the results! -May,05, 2013

NWT Moose and Caribou hunt replay -Adam Greentree traveled halfway across the world to bowhunt Moose and Caribou in the Northwest Territories. A new update each day! -Mar,26, 2013

Bow Review: 2013 Mathews Creed -Touted as Mathews' best shooter to date - we put that claim to the test! -Feb,28, 2013

We Stand Together -We stand with fellow Gun owners to defend our 2nd Amendment rights! -Jan,25, 2013

Cold Weather Clothing - 2013 -Advanced hunting clothes keep you going even in the harshest of temps! -Jan,04, 2013

Interactive Bloodtrail Challenge 34 - Color Blind Edition -Follow along on this interesting edition of our popular game. A new clue every day for 8 days. -Dec,17, 2012

2012 Food Plot Annual Review and Ratings -See how well our plots did on our DeerBuilder property in 2012. We used commercial seed blends, see which ones did well and which did not. -Dec,04, 2012

Post Rut Tactics for Whitetails -Still have a buck tag and worried that trophy will get away? Fear Not. The best is yet to come! -Nov,22, 2012

Kansas Whitetails Live! -We're back for our 11th season here in Southwest Kansas. A new update every day until November 14th. -Nov,08, 2012

Treestand Challenge 6 - Win a Summit Ledge !!! -Be the first to correctly identify the best AM and PM stand in this Fun and Educational Game! -Oct,26, 2012

Live Saskatchewan Bowhunt -Follow this exciting live hunt from Carrot River Saskatchewan. -Oct,13, 2012

CX's new Crush Arrow -Tim Herald talks about the design features built into CX's new CRUSH arrow! -Oct,05, 2012

Newfoundland Moose 2012 - Semi Live -Matt Rehor takes his Longbow to Newfoundland and tries for his first Moose! -Sep,24, 2012

Interactive Bloodtrail Challenge 33 -Test your bloodtrailing skills! A new clue every day for 8 days. -Sep,12, 2012

Paul Ryan - Dream Babe 2 -This babe is turning heads while throwing a few on his wall at the same time! -Sep,05, 2012

How the 2012 Drought affects your deer season -Some call it the worst drought since the dustbowl years. Will it affect your area? What can you do about it? -Aug,25, 2012

Cool Gear 2012! -We handpicked the most innovative, practical, and unique products of 2012. A new product spotlighted each day. -Jul,26, 2012

Jake Ensign's Bowhunting Slam -It's taken Jake Ensign 30 years to complete his archery slam. In this feature Jake lays it out: cost, attempts, difficulty and more. -Jun,21, 2012

Increase your Odds with Decoys -Lots of hunters use decoys. Few use them effectively. Garrett Roe shares his tips. -Jun,04, 2012

Win Mathews Gear every month! visitors have a chance to win Mathews Merchandise. -May,25, 2012

Live Polar Bear Bowhunt - 2012 Part II -Tim is back again for Round 2 of his Polar Bear hunt. We are continuing this exciting hunt LIVE from the ICE! -May,10, 2012

Live Polar Bear Bowhunt - 2012 -Join Tim Metcalf on a Polar Bear Bowhunt LIVE From Coral Harbour! A new Sat phone update daily for as long as it takes! -Apr,22, 2012

Live REALTIME Turkey Hunt -Join Wes Atkinson and 26 year old bowhunter Kendra Petska for a realtime turkey hunt on Saturday morning, 4.21 -Apr,20, 2012 - food plot & habitat improvement site! -A new website devoted entirely to food plots, habitat improvement, and deer management for wild & free ranging whitetail deer! - brought to you by -Mar,20, 2012

An Interview with Tom Miranda -From his early beginnings as a Government trapper, to one of the most popular TV hosts in hunting today. Tom Miranda has lived the dream and still remains an all around good guy! -Feb,20, 2012

Reintroducing Wolves in Colorado? -On the heels of the biggest wildlife mistake in history, the USFWS floats a proposal that includes the reintroduction of wolves in Colorado. -Feb,02, 2012

Aussie Buff Hunt - Semi Live -Follow along on this intense DIY hunt in Australia's Northern Territory! -Jan,23, 2012

Interactive Bloodtrail Challenge 32 - OMG Edition!! -You guys asked for it! This edition is filled with tricks and will get your New Year off to a Bad Start. Ha! -Jan,02, 2012

Advanced Post Season Deer Scouting -Just because the season's over doesn't mean it's time to quit scouting. Learn why. -Dec,20, 2011

Great Trail Cam Photos -We have hundreds of photos uploaded already! Check out some incredible bucks - vote on them - and then upload yours! -Nov,30, 2011

Live Bowhunt from Kansas 2011 -Our 10 Year Anniversary! It's been a decade since we started hunting Kansas. See if we can continue the incredible success again this year. -Nov,11, 2011

Introducing the Mathews Heli-m -Mathews 2012 bow weighs in at just 3.5 lbs! Combines many of the best features in one smooth bow! -Nov,09, 2011

Trail Cam Photo Database -We are excited to announce our latest Section - Trail Cam Photos! Add your Game Camera photos, vote on shooters, and sort by location! -Oct,28, 2011

Live Saskatchewan Bowhunt -We're back in the far north trying for a big Whitetail again! -Oct,09, 2011

10 Game Camera Tips -It's time to hang cameras. Here are 10 tips to make them more effective. -Oct,04, 2011

Arrow Science -In part II of our Perfect Arrow feature Tim Herald goes into detail on how spine affects penetration and accuracy. -Sep,27, 2011

Semi-Live Mountain Goat Bowhunt in British Columbia -Join Kent Jarnagin and Pat Lefemine for one of the hardest bowhunts on the planet! -Sep,12, 2011

Elk High Roller 2011 -See if you can get a perfect score on 10 actual video elk hunting scenarios. -Aug,28, 2011

Interactive Bloodtrail Challenge 31 -12 year old Matt Lefemine shoots his first buck and all of you get to track it. -Aug,16, 2011

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