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Ladino Clover

Ladino clover is a giant variety of white clover. It is a rapidly-growing perennial, which spreads with prostrate stolons. In the seedling year, ladino clover may produce stolons that are 12 to 15 inches long and counts around 50 per foot. Ladino is only moderately hardy and has a shallow root system. It does best on heavy soils where moisture is readily available during the growing season. It does not do well on light-sandy soils, unless frequently irrigated. It will persist through natural reseeding and the rooting of young stolons. Growth is restricted by high summer temperatures. It is highly attractive to deer and produces more tonnage per acre than other clover varieties.

  Planting Depth - 0.25" Recommended Planting
  Cost per Acre - $60 Spring Summer Fall Winter
  Minimum PH - 6.00 1 1
    Planting Rate - 15 lbs/acre*
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