Food Plot Seed Guide


Ryegrass is often utilized by deer and provides a solid food source where you need to plant a grass - but only then. Ryegrass, both annual and perennial is very hardy and can rapidly spread into areas where you do not want it. Once established, it is hard to eradicate so care must be taken not to plant too close to food plots where you do not want ryegrass to infiltrate. It is ideal for lawns and pastures where you need ground stabilization and very low maintenance turf - while still providing a benefit to local wildlife. It is extremely easy to grow and requires very little ground prep.

  Planting Depth - 0.25" Recommended Planting
  Cost per Acre - $50 Spring Summer Fall Winter
  Minimum PH - 5.00 1 1 1
    Planting Rate - 15 lbs/acre*
Commercial Seed Guide Seeds for food plots
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