Food Plot Seed Guide


This grain is a must have in any food plot program. It germinates extremely fast and can start attracting deer within 14 days after seeding - making it one of the best "backup" species to plant in case your first choice has failed. It is also a terrific 2nd plot choice for fall plantings. While oats can be planted in all zones, they are not cold-hardy so consider them with a mix with clover or other cold-hardy crops to get you through the late fall and winter. Oats withstand heavy grazing pressure during the early season. Some oat varieties are more cold hardy than others so pay attention to which variety you purchase.

  Planting Depth - 1.25" Recommended Planting
  Cost per Acre - $45 Spring Summer Fall Winter
  Minimum PH - 6.00 1 1
    Planting Rate - 15 lbs/acre*
Commercial Seed Guide Seeds for food plots
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