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We have some food plots we broadcasted clover in Octover of 2019 and got really good germination. We knew the clover wouldn't grow with winter quickly approaching but we just wanted to get it established. Question I have now is what should we do now to hopefully keep it going.

Southern Alabama area. We were planning on spraying for invasives later this month. A few questions I have are.

1. Should we spray this early? Or should we mow while the clover is still short to cut back the weeds and grasses and then spray next month?

2. Would it be okay to spray and plant new seed in the same weekend?

By: Dude

Not sure about bama, but fall planted clover in Missouri, which I have done a number of times, is generally thicker than what it seems to be in early spring of its first year. I would be hesitant to plant more clover if that is what you are thinking of seeding till you no for sure how thick of a stand that you have.

I would be hesitant to spray until it becomes more establish (about 6-8 inches or so).


Also, spraying for weeds is best when the temps don't go below 55F at night.

By: goyt

I agree with everything that Dude said. I think that more of the clover seeds that you planted in October will germinate after they have frozen and you should have an even better crop by late spring. I would not cut or spray while the clover is short. Once the clover is well established you can spray for grasses and weeds. This will give the weeds and grasses a chance to germinate as well as making the clover stronger. Either cut or sprayer before the grasses and weeds go to seed.

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