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has anyone considered using a skid steer for property mainteance instead of a tractor?

i have a cab air 60HP tractor - but a tree just fell on it - and i am afraid the insurance company is going to total it out.

i am considering replacing it with a JD 317 compact track loader - used with less that 1000 hrs - I can get a 5' brush mower - and then a tiller as well...

I know its not a complete replacement for a tractor - but it would be very handy at fixing roads, and doing fence repair work - as well as food plot prep.

anyone here own one?

By: Grubby

I know a few guys who built 3 point mounts for them on quicktatch plates. You can really work up a plot quickly with a disc mounted on the front.

By: Cowdoc

tracks or wheels?

By: t-roy

I have both, olebuck. I have a 4020 John Deere tractor as well as a Bobcat 863 skid steer. Each one has certain capacities that are best suited for their respective applications. I guess it would depend on how many acres you’re talking about. If doing only a few acres, I don’t think it would be that big of a difference, however, I would hate having to till my food plots (12-15 acres) with only the skid vs using the tractor and varying implements for that job. Likewise, it is WAY more handy to use the skid for clearing new plots, fixing trails, grubbing out trees/stumps, fence repairs, etc. plus, IMO, doing those things with a tractor and a loader bucket is harder on that equipment, than using the skid for them.

If you go with the skid, I would HIGHLY recommend looking into a stump bucket as one of your attachments. Extremely versatile attachment. I use mine extensively.


As noted above, big acreage with a skid is a pain. But, skid steers are incredibly handy for a lot of other tasks.


I just can’t see any benefit to a skid steer over a 4wd tractor with a front end loader for plot work and general farmland maintenance.

Implements, parts, and service should be easier to find for a tractor too.


Skid steer will beat you up and would not be as good as a tractor.


Skid steers blow a 4wd tractor out of the water for the things they are intended for. But for general property work IMO they don’t really compare to a 4wd tractor, not to mention that your cost on both the actual unit and implements are generally speaking far less on the 4wd. They’ll also keep their value better, again, generally speaking

By: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo

A track loader is not nearly as rough on you as wheeled loader. Mine is wheeled and I wish it was on tracks, but it would have been considerably more $.


Take a look at the Bobcat Toolcat does everything a tractor and a skid steer will do


I don't own a skidsteer but I have used them plenty and they are sweet little machines - for what they were designed for. They were not designed for farming. Sorry.

By: iplumb

Both have a purpose - And I own both. Skid is the bomb for "making new" not so much for planting... Skid - Tracked is 100% better. My humble opinion having more than 100K tied up in iron.

By: bb

track loader is head and shoulders better for this type of work than the wheeled machines. They are fast and maneuverable. The hydraulics tend to be better then they put in tractors. of similar sizes. That would be my first choice. I work on jobs where they are building athletic fields. From starting the site work to finish. We're talking large areas. They all use skid steers with tracks and wheels. I have yet to see any of this work done with a 4WD tractor.


For food plots buy a tractor with tiller if you need to move a bunch of dirt or trees etc. rent the skidder.


On my place we use a skid steer for certain tasks but much of my land is wet and "STUCK" is what you can get. Badly! Tractor can too but not as easily or as bad.


I have both, use the track loader way more than a field tractor. Get the loader.


drycreek's embedded Photo

I couldn’t do without my tractor, but then I have a JD 310 backhoe also. Used to have a Cat D5 dozer but when I sold my other place I didn’t use it much so I sold it too. My tractor bucket comes in handy for small stuff, but there’s a world of difference between it and my backhoe, they’re not in the same league. I wouldn’t mind having a skid steer, but wouldn’t use it enough to justify it.


I have two tractors

a 50 HP 4x4 FEL and a 60 HP 4x4 FEL Cab ( the one the tree fell on)

the insurance company is going to repair it - so it went to the dealer for a new hood and radiator etc.

Probably going to trade the 50 HP for a cab and air - and sell the 60HP when it comes back from the shop - and start looking for a compact track loader...


Olebuck your first post never mentions two tractors so if you already have a tractor then by all means get the skidsteer and your life will be complete.



well the 50HP is actually my dads - of the 720hrs on it - i have probably put 500... since he has used my cab tractor he has his mind on getting one himself.


Getting into a cab tractor was the best move I ever made. I can trim limbs better than I can suffer the heat and being covered up in pollen and crap.


Depends on what you are going to do. Tractors are meant for field work and skid steers are built for the rest. Digging, lifting, moving, grinding, etc.

Using a front end loader for anything other than light, loose material is dangerous, ineffective, and hard on your equipment.

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