Soybeans attractive to bears?
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Pat Lefemine 26-Aug-19
M.Pauls 26-Aug-19
Letmgrow 26-Aug-19
APauls 26-Aug-19
JohnV 28-Aug-19
GF 28-Aug-19
obx 29-Aug-19
DL 29-Aug-19
GF 29-Aug-19


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Just saw this pic from MoultrieMobile. It was sent last night. I’ve been growing soybeans in bear county for years and never saw a bear eating them. Is this a fluke or do they eat soybeans?


Yes, I’ve seen it quite often. Not like corn fields but I’ve seen them hit beans at least as hard as oat fields


I have seen them in my bean fields but I have never seen them eat any.

By: APauls

Shot one going into a bean field one year, seen it a number of times. Think they hit them occasionally for a varied diet when they’re sick of corn for a day

By: JohnV

They eat a lot of peanuts in eastern NC. A peanut plant is pretty similar to a soybean plant.

By: GF

I can’t imagine that they wouldn't be. They’re omnivores. I’d expect that if the beans are the best food source in the area, they’ll hit them.

That’s not to say that bears don’t prefer whatever people put in the bait pile, since a lot of those items are loaded with sugars and probably smell wonderful to a hyperphagic ursid, but preferences may vary by the individual.

By: obx

I live in eastern NC. Soybeans are a main food source. Corn,peanuts and wheat also heavily utilized. The only farm product that they don't eat is cotton. Alligator NWR near the Outer Banks has become a tourist attraction for the number of bears that can be seen in the corn and bean fields on a ride through almost any time of day.

By: DL

Anything that a bear can swallow is an attractant. Be at got into a friends camp and ate a whole tube of Preparation H, toothpaste, beer and anything else left outside.

By: GF

Are you sure the bear didn’t just use the Preparation H to reduce the bags under its eyes after all that beer? It’s hard work being a charismatic megavertebrate, you know!

There’s a Problem Bear in the drainage above my mom’s place. Sucker flattened my brother’s tent last time I was out there, along with about 4 other camps. I think my brother had left a toothbrush in a ziplock bag in the tent.

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