Most effective herbicide for dogbane?
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By: Bobow

Had 2 small plots of dogbane pop up in 2 separate fields this spring. I pulled the 8-18" stalks, which broke off at ground level. But now they are back. I have glyphosate and Crossbow, which I use on multi flora with good results. Which is most effective on dogbane?


I think you will have the best luck with crossbow. 2-4-d seems to have more effect than glyphosate. Good luck with this nasty weed


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By: Bobow

Thanks Bohunter, will give the Crossbow a shot when I get back up there in early Aug. Like I said I've had real good luck with Crossbow only on multi flora, so that makes sense. A friend said you don't want Dogbane around as it can be deadly to some animals including deer. Hopefully they know better than to eat it. Had a small out brake of Jimson weed also, so will try Crossbow on that also if it pops up again.

By: Mike B

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There are more salts of 2,4-D available then the golf course smelling one (amine). If you want a “hotter” form of 2.4-D, use the ester salt form. Beware however, it is more volatile and in warm weather can cause adjacent tree leaves to wilt, even 20’ up!

Most importantly, you need to penetrate the cuticle of Dogbane. A good surfactant can help but a good tackifier will be good too to help keep herbicide on leaves to penetrate. In most cases of an aqueous solution, addition of MSO (modified seed, or soybean oil) will help droplets disperse across leaves. So, mix 2,4-D with water and add MSO.

If really tenacious, you can use Triclopyr (active in Crossbow) and add Triclopyr (ester) with a paraffin oil like kerosene to spot spray. This is non-selective and used when you want to kill ALL broadleaves in area sprayed.

Dogbane is an annual so once Swedbank is gone, it is gone. This means never letting the plants seed out.

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