Should I Mow Before I Apply Gly?
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I'm about to apply Gly to a couple of food plots in order to get them ready for an August planting.

My question is should I mow them first before I apply the GLY or should I leave the grasses and leaves so they can soak it up.

The weeds and grass are about a foot high.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.


Trouble with high grass is it can shield some of the smaller weeds. Good thing about high grass is you get a good kill of the grass.

Ideally you would mow, wait a week or so for the grass to leaf up so you're not just spraying stems and then spray.


I've always been told that you will get a better kill if you spray before you mow. Supposedly, the plants get defensive when they are mowed and are more resistant to the chemicals. I've found that to be true. I would spray now and then mow in a week or so.


It'll die a lot faster if you mow first.


Best to mow and wait 7-10 days and then spray. I mowed mine ten days ago and am about to spray this week. Then I’ll hit it again at least one more time to make sure we have a good kill on it.


Well that was not consistent


if you mow, wait till it starts growing again then spray on a nice warm day (75+ish) with low winds/breeze, no rain in forecast, even though is should be rain fast in several hours ......

By: Whip

Either way will work, but my guess is that either way will also require a follow up treatment. To tall to get 100% kill and even if you did there will be stuff that sprouts before August. I'd also mix 24D with the gly for a better kill on broadleaf weeds.


Doesn't matter what you do, the weeds that are dormant in the soil will sprout in a few weeks after you kill off what's already growing.


I think you are way to early for prep on an August plot. I’d keep it mowed and spray closer to your planting date.


Mow and as soon as the grass begins to grow again in a week or two spray. You want weeds in a quick growth stage so they take up the chemicals.


drycreek's embedded Photo

What RIT said. Too early to kill it, wait until a couple weeks before you're ready to plant, hit it hard and you'll be good.

I just planted peas Friday in a plot that I burned down about ten days ago. Everything was dead and I have peas already up.


Let the seeds germinate after tilling, then burn it down again before you plant.

By: APauls

I've always heard not to mow and spray directly after. Which lines up with what most say here. One thing I know for sure, is if you can spray on a warm day, and better yet in the midst of a few warm days that stuff will croak fast. Love it when you spray in a heat wave. It's like it dies before your eyes. Although I guess heat wave up here may be regular down there.

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