Roller Crimper Sources?
Food Plots
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Kev 30-Apr-19
t-roy 30-Apr-19
Kev 09-May-19
Tradmike 12-May-19
Hans 1 12-May-19

By: Kev

I'm looking at using a roller crimper to terminate my food plots instead of using herbicides. Can anyone provide information on the best sources / deals? Thanks

By: t-roy

Any organic or no till farmers in your area? The USDA service center in your area may be a good source of info as well. What types of food plots are you trying to terminate?

By: Kev

No organic/no-till guys. Terminating cereal rye.


U are heading in the right direction. There is a company in Wisconsin that makes them. Or check out GrowingDeerTV, Grant Woods uses a roller on his food plots.

By: Hans 1

I think a smooth or round roller will yield only marginal results. The ones I have seen that were purposefully designed had ridged angle welded on to crimp or almost chop it. I think the stage of the rye is important also. I have 10 acres of rye in one field that is going to no till corn that we need to hit ASAP. Going to hit that with a full burn down at the same time as the corn chemical on.

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