Frost Seeding Clover for Brassica plot?
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Hunt98 14-Mar-19
Teeton 14-Mar-19
Teeton 14-Mar-19
Bow Man 18-Apr-19

By: Hunt98

I’m going to frost seed one plot for clover.

Is there any benefit (weed control or soil improvement) in frost seeding clover another plot that will be planted for turnips in the end of July this year?

By: Teeton

if your soil is good for clover, ph is between 5.5 and 7 it should add nitrogen to it.

By: Teeton

If your just going to disk it up in July I'd put in cheap inoculated white clover and a little on the heavier side.


Clovers will fixate nitrogen for the brassicas. If you seed perennial clover, I would mow the last time in August to stunt clover growth for the remainder of the year, benefiting the turnips.

Check the maturity of your turnips. I might plant in August.

Clover may return in the spring with a developed root system.

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